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joyrider 01-10-2017 17:04

bonucci is smashing beetles

good sign

Fabio 01-10-2017 17:04

2-1 Milan

jammin 01-10-2017 17:04


Bonucci just did the crushing thing again :eek:

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:06


Originally Posted by Jammin (Post 2764019)

Bonucci just did the crushing thing again :eek:

saw it. crushcrushcrush :love:

want 2+ goals from San Siro king Kalinic!

AndreiX 01-10-2017 17:06

wtf were those touches ?

Khurrisu 01-10-2017 17:07

Was Hakan playing with a different kind of ball in the bundes league? His touches are heavy as shit.

MilanFan89 01-10-2017 17:07

dangerous Hakan

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:07

Hakan :thumbsup:

Massaro94 01-10-2017 17:08


Originally Posted by Susan (Post 2764012)
Forza Milan!

it's time to beat a big team


Khurrisu 01-10-2017 17:08

Borini :thumbsup:

MilanFan89 01-10-2017 17:09

what a pass Borini

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:09

Biglia > Kroos

-e- it was borini? :lol:

always rated him

Ash 01-10-2017 17:09

for once I would like to see an actual plan how to play the ball from the back

they panic every fuckin time they have it down there

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:10

One would say: we are on fire!

AndreiX 01-10-2017 17:11

RR will have a hard time getting past Peres, dude might have no clue about defensive positioning but he's fast af

MilanFan89 01-10-2017 17:15

Fazio and Dzeko 2 hightowers, must be carefull on corners

Khurrisu 01-10-2017 17:15

Silva :thumbsup:

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:15

too easy crosses from corners for Roma. Montella to propose how to counter it.

Jasper 01-10-2017 17:16

Biglia just fucking Nainggolan like its personal :lol:

MilanFan89 01-10-2017 17:17

fk you Bonucci with your long balls

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