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bacon d'or 28-07-2015 14:10

UEFA Champions League 2015-2016
road to milan 2016 :proud::proud:

3rd qualifying round kicks off tonight

play off : mu, valencia, neverkusen, sporting cp, nazio
group stage pot 1 : barca, bayern, chelsea, benfica, psg, ladri, zenit, psv
seeding :

AC_Wesley 09-08-2015 12:20

Jammin 11-08-2015 19:53

Messiiiiiiii my love my one and only :love:

Sage 11-08-2015 19:54

what a start

Jammin 11-08-2015 20:02

Fuck offffff Messi

Sage 11-08-2015 20:03

messi :proud: GOAT

Tadej 11-08-2015 20:04

Wow lessi :eek:

Massaro94 11-08-2015 20:30

Ooooh Suarez... that's just nasty.

milanicious 11-08-2015 20:31

Rami is an amateur

ZBoban 11-08-2015 20:32

Barca's too good

Rotti 11-08-2015 20:37

That fucken Kurdish flag at the curva is ruining he whole fucken experience. What the fuck is that one even doing there? Nothing to do with fucken anything. Bloody fucken shite. And when FCB fans wave the Catalan flag in the UCL finals the club get fined for political propaganda. :fp:

And speaking of fans...Where is everybody? Why on Earth is the final played in Georgia? UEFA Super Cup should always be played in Monaco oimo.

Mexes5 11-08-2015 20:39

That goalkeeper was terrible on those fk's.

Sevilla look awful. They miss Bacca :star:

Rotti 11-08-2015 20:42

Might so be that this trophy is bollox and is irrelevant as hell. But the atmosphere is still a HUGE joke and more resembels a friendly than something that is meant to be serious.

Usually Barca have great support in these kind of matches and Sevilla supporters ae always mint. The people sitting in the stands are just ice cream eating school kids.

Rotti 11-08-2015 20:44

PS. Suarez is fat.

bacon d'or 11-08-2015 20:47

stadium is too big for super cup

greedy uefa should stick with 20k seater stadium :head:

milanicious 11-08-2015 21:25

Immobile :b:

williamp 11-08-2015 21:32

UefaLOLa Arsenaling it up.

Rotti 11-08-2015 21:36

30 mins more of this crap. :fp:

G.Costanza 11-08-2015 21:41

Come one one more goal from Sevilla and our 2005 fuck up will technically be replaced by Barca's.

milanicious 11-08-2015 21:51

Pique is one annoying bitch

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