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joyrider 18-11-2012 21:25

@ K.P.B.

can you make a gif of the first goal of SES against Napoli?

Jasper 18-11-2012 23:42


Originally Posted by joyrider (Post 1559472)
@ K.P.B.

can you make a gif of the first goal of SES against Napoli?

Jasper 19-11-2012 00:04


Originally Posted by K.P.B. (Post 1559416)


K.P.B. 19-11-2012 09:14


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 1559576)

I don't know, ask him :D

ASU POLITEHNICA TIMISOARA - AS NADRAG, 5th league in Romania. 18.11.2012.


jammin 04-12-2012 07:02

some really fucked up shit:

Dutch linesman clinically dead after post-match beating by teenaged players in Holland

Sonny.Bill.Williams 04-12-2012 07:19

Jorge Sampaoli confirmed as the new Chile Coach.


Corzioli 16-12-2012 14:10

Since I didn't see any Club World Cup thread, thought I'd post here.

Corithians played the better football..their players had some great control and amazing short pass accuracy..but the final killer pass was lacking and I think it's attributed to their lack of speedy bursts in the attacking phase. Their direct passing was also a bit suspect. They had some good discipline with their offside trap tactic at the back and they had a great goalie (who won the Golden Ball [and a Toyota Jeep] while Luiz won Silver and Carrero ?, Bronze). They played some interesting football and more than deserved their win..which ties them with Barca (2) on number of CWC titles won.

They kind of overdid their celebrations though..looks like they were rubbing it in.

Luiz was crying, Torres didn't even break his monstrous frown that started after the 94th mimute..even during the group shot. Notably Rafa didn't look bothered throughout..he knows he's just mercing the job til.....? No bond with the club whatsoever.

Congrats, Corithians!!

Fiore 16-12-2012 15:25

It's just funny to steal deserved chance to participate in this event from Di Matteo and appoint Bentiez so he can lose it. Money and recent success eclipsed the eyes of some people and made them even more ******ed. Without Di Matteo's luck they would have never won the Champions League.

Corzioli 16-12-2012 19:01

Benitez seems a bit bored at Chelsea sometimes. :b:

Actually the whole team seemed very bored today, esp. in the second half. :b: :b:

PS I'm happy with SES's performances this campaign..makes him sound so true when he said £bra's presence limited him last season. :proud:

laxman 18-12-2012 18:02

Zenit fans demand all-white team


A Zenit St Petersburg supporters' group has called for non-white and gay players to be excluded from the team.

The Russian champions' largest fans' group, Landscrona, said in an open-letter that black players are "forced down Zenit's throat".

They added that gay players are "unworthy of our great city".

Dietmar Beiersdorfer, Zenit director of sports, said players were selected "without any limitation regarding origin, religion or skin colour".
Continue reading the main story

“Zenit has proven through its work that the club understands what tolerance is”

Luciano Spalletti Zenit St Petersburg head coach

Zenit were the only top-flight Russian team without a black player until this summer.

They signed Brazilian striker Hulk and Belgian midfielder Axel Witsel for £64m.

French midfielder Yann M'Vila reportedly turned down a move to the club in August as a result of racist abuse.

Zenit's Italian head coach, Luciano Spalletti described the supporters' call as "stupidity", saying "tolerance for me is most of all the ability to understand and accept differences".

He added: "I can personally assure you that I will do everything I can to help those who seek to explain to people what tolerance is, and the need to respect other cultures and traditions.

"I think that Zenit has proven through its work that the club understands what tolerance is, and what it means to have tolerant behaviour. The team has gathered players from different countries and ethnic groups who work together to achieve a common goal."

The fans' manifesto read: "The absence of black Zenit players is just an important tradition that underlines the team's identity and nothing more."

Black players in the Russian league have been the target of monkey chants and Anzhi Makhachkala's Christopher Samba had bananas thrown at him by fans. Zenit St Petersburg were fined by the Russian Football Union after one of their fans offered Roberto Carlos of Anzhi a banana before a match between the two sides in March 2011.

Zenit are currently third in the Russian Premier League behind leaders CSKA Moscow and Anzhi. They will play in this season's Europa League after finishing third in Champions League Group C.

Prince_27 22-01-2013 00:05

Mion-Moura 22-01-2013 00:33

nice goal.thought the commentator was gonna mention shevchenko at one point.btw Super Lig football seems to be high tempo

jammin 30-01-2013 04:55

Future News: Galatasaray admit star signings are attempt to be more popular in FIFA 13

Following the unexpected signings of Wesley Sneijder and Didier Drogba, Galatasaray have admitted that their January transfer dealings have been heavily influenced by a desire to increase the club's popularity in the video game FIFA 13.

"We're in first place in the Super Lig and the knockout stages of the Champions League," said Galatasaray CEO Lutfu Aribogan, "So spending to improve the squad in the middle of the season wasn't an urgent need from a real-world standpoint. But all the kids are playing FIFA 13 with Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United and not Galatasaray. So we are trying to change this."

Selling more than 4.5 million copies worldwide in its first five days of release, FIFA 13 became the fastest selling sports video game of all time. The EA Sports title has become a major part of how young fans interact with the sport and develop valuable allegiances. A fact that is not lost on Galatasaray.

"It started when I asked my son Carlton, who is 13, why he always plays with Real Madrid and not Galatasaray," Aribogan admitted. "And he said, 'Dad, no one wants to be Milan Baros or Umut Bulut.' So we are acquiring players that the kids do want to be. Like Sneijder and Drogba. And maybe Emile Heskey next in an ironic sort of way."

But as excited as the club and their fans are about these signings, Aribogan makes it clear that their real-life performance isn't all that important.

"As I said, we're already in first place," Aribogan laughed. "They don't even have to play. But if their player ratings go down in the game, their contracts will be terminated immediately."


Mion-Moura 30-01-2013 10:43


Goodfella 18-03-2013 02:25

Nazi/Roman salute

"Get Rich Or Die Trying" tattoo

claims to not know what the salute could mean

is not a racist, facist or Nazi, has a Puerto Rican half-brother and his Pontic family has experienced a lot of racism, according to himself

THIS FUCKING GUY:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Congo Powers 18-03-2013 02:31

i like this guy :D

Goodfella 18-03-2013 02:44


Originally Posted by Congo Powers (Post 1692635)
i like this guy :D

Hopefully our marquee signing in the summer.:proud:

The salute wasn't appreciated by the club's ultras though, who're leftists. They want him out of the club, while the Greek FA banned him for life from all NT levels.

I wonder if the Laziale ultras would have reacted in the same way:lol:

Congo Powers 18-03-2013 02:45

:lol: bwahahaaa

Sage 18-03-2013 02:47

what a fucking moron :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jasper 18-03-2013 11:47

lesbian anime tattoo? I would like a full tattoo report on this guy.

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