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Besi 28-07-2006 18:04

Daniele Bonera Thread
MILANO - L'A.C. Milan comunica di aver acquisito a titolo definitivo dal Parma FC le prestazioni del calciatore Daniele Bonera, difensore classe 1981, che ha firmato un contratto fino al 30 giugno 2010.

crazy4milan 28-07-2006 18:11

Welcome Bonera!

Has he kept his quality? I didn't see much of him last season, but I do remember that the seasons before I thought he was good.

Besi 28-07-2006 18:12

This means no Oddo for Milan ... welcome Bonera .. dont know who choosed you but I hope you will impress .. + he is younger than Oddo .. so lets see :)


Next : Ibra and Buffon probably.

fazrulx2n 28-07-2006 18:15

wow, good signing. but didnt post any news bout this...

EDIT: just checked the italian version, there is. bravo!

Besi 28-07-2006 18:20

MILAN - A.C. Milan comunicates that they have acquired Parma FC defender Daniele Bonera, born 1981, on a contract until June 30, 2010.

The player will be presented to the press at 13.00 on Saturday at Milanello.

Dann 28-07-2006 18:31

its on the english one now what a fantastic signing young can play right-back or centre-back :D

DugiNesta 28-07-2006 18:31

Daniele Bonera (born 31 May 1981 in Brescia) is an Italian footballer for Parma F.C. of Serie A. He plays in the role of defender, is tall 183 cm and weighs 74 kg.

Bonera started his career for Brescia Calcio, making his first team debut in 1999/2000, in Serie B league. After two more impressive seasons with Brescia, which led him to be even capped for the Italy national football team, making his debut in a friendly match played September 5, 2001 against Morocco, Bonera moved to Parma in 2002/03.

As of June 2006, he has been capped 11 times for Italy.

I like this player.

And now after Simic is allmost gone, and Cafu is too old. He came in right time.

Don Shevdini 28-07-2006 18:33


WELL... you know he isn't the prospect he used to be... but Milan has a talent with young italian defenders who love Milan... (He is Milan fan all the way)... let's see... Maybe at left-back and Oddo right back... I just don't want Kaladze out of centre Defence

fazrulx2n 28-07-2006 18:44

i always buy him when i play CM-03/04... :p

Kwan2 28-07-2006 18:46

hahahahahaha.... next : Torres!!!!! and one potential players plsss....
Btw... where is Canini ( Cagliari )?? do we signed him last year???

DugiNesta 28-07-2006 18:48

Our 1st buy after scandal, hope won't be the last.

We need BIG names.

zZ[-_-]Zz 28-07-2006 18:49

Bonera's primary role is a RB... but he has played as a CB & LB before... i'm glad with this transfer... definitely what i wanted when Gallas was no longer considered... and the thing is that there was no rumours at all... quite obvious that our management have been negotiatin' deals in private... and the result of the verdict was the final hurdle before annoucin' our transfers...

Hassan 28-07-2006 19:09


Originally Posted by DugiNesta
Our 1st buy after scandal, hope won't be the last.

We need BIG names.

Yeah BIG Name... Like Drogba :D :D :D

Italian Tsar 28-07-2006 19:16

That was a real shocker. Not exactly a coup, but a welcome arrival nonetheless :)


WILL2K 28-07-2006 19:18

Great Signing . We just need one striker to replace Sheva and everything will be perfect . :)

Don Shevdini 28-07-2006 19:40

We still need Oddo!!!

and then with Suazo,Torres,Crespo we will be fine.

NeSTa_86 28-07-2006 19:42

good news!

sivlE 28-07-2006 19:51

How would you rate Bonera vs. Oddo? Better, Equal, Worse?

re_milan 28-07-2006 20:04

finally, i was getting scared for a moment, he was invlolved in teh itali WC 26 man roster, then he was cut, young and he could learn from paolo and nesta

Pirlo Fan 28-07-2006 20:04

This is a wonderful signing. I was thinking about Bonera as a possible option but it was never rumored so this is great. Bonera's versatility will be quite useful and he his young. Let us hope for more signings now, for me we only need Oddo and a good striker. Again, excellent signing by Milan.

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