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jammin 24-07-2012 08:04

Captain LIONHEART Johh 'JT' 'Jay-Tee' Terry
heyy guyyyss!! :) :) :)

i look in all the threads but i find no JT threads!!!?!?!!? :( :( :(

so i make the one. :D :D :D

lets all discuss the great lionman JT ok! no racist. :)

Congo Powers 24-07-2012 08:05

necromancer 24-07-2012 08:05

Typo in the thread title.

Fiero 24-07-2012 08:10

The most Champion-ish thread of all time.

Euro Champion. :star:

jammin 24-07-2012 08:16

ok, let's look at his resume:

Champions League trophy:

Europa League trophy:

EPL trophy:

FA Cup trophy (this is like Coppa Italia for English peoples):

Community Shield trophy (this is like Supercoppa for Englanders)

World Cup trophy:

Euro Cup trophy:

PFA player of the year trophy (like player of the year trophy for America's bitches):

some other trophy (which must be very prestigious because JT lifted it):

on the moon:

at some guys wedding:

berlin wall:

just in case you didn't notice his dick size:

Fiero 24-07-2012 08:21

jammin 24-07-2012 08:22

David Beckham approved:

Eccolo 24-07-2012 08:32

Wtf is this shit...

jammin 24-07-2012 08:38

el1te mad goal-line-clearing skillz:

humanitarian work:

Congo Powers 24-07-2012 08:40

He told the reporter, who posed as a chauffeur buying the drugs for his wealthy boss:
'The stuff 's all right. I get off on it.'

jammin 24-07-2012 08:46


Congo Powers 24-07-2012 08:53

dads r great :D

jammin 24-07-2012 08:58

shit forgot to add this to the resume:

Dad of the Year 2009:

Congo Powers 24-07-2012 09:01


Maldiniac 24-07-2012 09:05


milanista1899 24-07-2012 09:41

Dominate 24-07-2012 09:53

if your going to get sent off at least do it like a ruthless mofo

Assassins Creed 4: The rise of Pepe

Blade of Faith 24-07-2012 11:56

JT as Super Great Goalkeeper :


Pipa 24-07-2012 12:04

neutral 24-07-2012 12:22

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