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Hassan 07-08-2006 15:15


Originally Posted by Pupone#10
Is this still possible?

I doubt it but we can keep dreaming...

oh it's my dream.. come here...

Demerio 07-08-2006 19:49

Look what this club has lived...thay are kidding with us !!!

Starting XI: What AC Milan Are Offering To Ronaldinho

It's highly unlikely to happen, but that has not prevented the rumor machine from linking AC Milan with Barcelona's Ronaldinho.

Here are XI things AC Milan have been using to lure Ronaldinho to the San Siro:

1. An advanced copy of Playstation 3

2. No useless trips to America to play second-class competition

3. Dinner at Rome’s Checcino dal 1887 -- with all the fixings

4. A paper bag

5. Some of Christian Vieri’s old jerseys

6. Three nights and two days at the Colosseum

7. A Lamborghini, with Carla Bruni inside

8. Controlling share in Juventus

9. George Clooney's house at Lake Como

10. Season tickets to La Scala

11. A ponytail holder by Dolce & Gabbana

Mystik 07-08-2006 20:12

I saw that on another forum.. I thought it was someone ridiculing the whole summer transfer season. Still pretty funny though.

end-er 07-08-2006 23:46


guess we could close the thread - i'd bet my ass ronnie won't come here :D

siatanhai 07-08-2006 23:48

what a joke of a thread lol, he wont come and even if he wanted to how much do rekon barca will want close to 60mill lets face it s stupid to even think he would bother!!!

Fiore 08-08-2006 13:56

edika_kaka 08-08-2006 14:31

yeah ronnie wont ever come to milan..
he have a good team barcelona why he need go to milan...
barcelona already give him a contract until 2014...

dardar_3 08-08-2006 15:09

We don't need Ronaldinho, we have an excelent player: Kaka.

Redsun 10-08-2006 09:13

berlusconis gift will be probably torres.not ronaldinho.but if a miracle comes true...than i won't surprise lot.

milan*7 10-08-2006 09:38


Originally Posted by Redsun
berlusconis gift will be probably torres.not ronaldinho.but if a miracle comes true...than i won't surprise lot.

Even His Ego-stroking Highness doesn't think that highly of himself :D He's a media baron not a miracle worker, LOL

AcMilan659 10-08-2006 19:54

are you kidding!? ronaldinho with this price OMG.. too expensive we can get a wing defender and a striker better and half ronaldinho price..

acerвιc wιт 14-08-2006 11:28

Ronaldinho to snub Milan

Monday 14 August, 2006
Milanís hopes of signing Ronaldinho are about to end once and for all with reports suggesting he is on the verge of extending his Barca contract until 2014.

The Brazilianís brother and agent Roberto de Assis is scheduled to meet Blaugrana sporting director Txiki Beguiristain next week to finalise all details regarding a renewal.

Milan expressed their interest in the former Paris Saint-Germain ace after the World Cup and have been planning to bring him to Italy for some time, despite the South American insisting that he would not leave Spain.

Ronaldinho, who has just returned to Catalonia after the pre-season tour of Mexico and the United States, is currently tied to the Liga outfit until 2010.

Although keen on extending for a further four years, talks regarding his £10m a year image rights are proving to be problematic.

Ronaldinho reportedly wants to stay in control of the rights while Barca are keen for him to hand them over in return for a significant increase in wages.

Only if a compromise canít be reached could Milan swoop for the World Cup player as Barca chief Joan Laporta has suggested.

ďMilan have asked for Ronaldinho and although he is not on sale, we have to treat him correctly and try to find a compromise between his needs and the needs of the club,Ē he told newspaper El Mundo Deportivo.

Itís understood that Silvio Berlusconi is ready to allow the Italian club to part with £57m in order to net the European Footballer of the Year.

The proposed deal would also see the attacking sensation sign a five-year deal worth £8.5m a season.

pussycat_doll 14-08-2006 12:03

haha hope barca fucks up the contract:)))

sheva007 14-08-2006 12:32

we have like a 5% chance of signing him like 50% of torres and like 30% chance of adriano and like 70% of ronaldo.

i doubt he would come but i would take him if he did but only if he plays wif kaka. but then gourgouf will be left out n that no good. i think torres should be brought in and thats that coz wot was the point of signing gourgouf

GreatKalu 14-08-2006 12:39

What a response this would be to Chelsea’s and Real's dominance in the transfer market ... signing the best player in the world - although I don’t think he deserves the title. Come on Berlusconi ... show them you've still got it in you. A disagreement between him and Barca means there's still a chance, no matter how small it may seem.

Dora 14-08-2006 12:40

it would be nice if ronaldinho would come, but he's very expensive and i don't really believe that he would come
but what about kaka? i've heard that if ronaldinho will come kaka will go to real

black-eagle 14-08-2006 12:45


Originally Posted by Dora
but what about kaka? i've heard that if ronaldinho will come kaka will go to real

i dont think soo...

GreatKalu 14-08-2006 12:48

Yeah, we'd probably keep him just to piss Real off :D or atleast I hope so ...

Torcida 14-08-2006 12:50

i just saw on that barca has difficulties to sign a new extension. :D

Besi 14-08-2006 13:56

I just hope Barca fails to give him contract extension .. and what impress me is that Milan asked for him ;) .. thats enough from our menagment.. FORZA MILAN !!

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