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voom 23-06-2016 22:12

Gianluca Lapadula Thread

Maybe tomorrow Lapadula will undergo medical,and he still dont have thread.But to be honest this was quick transfer.

Full name Gianluca Lapadula
Date of birth 7 February 1990 (age 26)
Place of birth Turin, Italy
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Playing position Forward

Last year he scored 27 goals in 40 games for Pescara.

Jasper 23-06-2016 22:43

'stache :thumbsup:

Raz 24-06-2016 01:37

30 goals, 12 assists in 44 games (27g+10a in regular Serie B games, and 3g+2a in promotion playoffs)

Wake the Dead 24-06-2016 06:39

Not bad at all, surprise transfer

necromancer 24-06-2016 08:08

30 goals
0 penalties.

In game goal Campione.

Mion-Moura 24-06-2016 10:21

lets see how he adapts

Jasper 24-06-2016 11:33

fly vulture, fly!

Kasoka 24-06-2016 12:02

He also later went on to dominate the play-offs and to be the main factor in Pescara making it to Serie A.

Still a gamble of course.

Arsene 24-06-2016 12:35

One of the best goalscorers last season in Europe. Big transfer for Milan

Soldier_of_god 24-06-2016 12:55

Dude is average as fuck. Good luck though. Dont be fooled by the inflated goals per game ratio. This is another bertoloacchi esque transfer.

necromancer 24-06-2016 13:05

Swagger poor thing will live to regret these words.

acm55 24-06-2016 13:08

He is the future.

Soldier_of_god 24-06-2016 13:09

Why dont we ever sign players like berrardi or a sansone or even zaza. Lapadula :fp:.

Qaas 24-06-2016 13:17

Welcome. 0 expectations, surprise us please

necromancer 24-06-2016 13:23

Lol de laurentiis so mad that he chose Milan.

seveners 24-06-2016 13:29

Good signing :thumbsup:

bacon d'or 24-06-2016 13:35


Originally Posted by Arsene (Post 2509297)
One of the best goalscorers last season in Europe. Big transfer for Milan

Jasper 24-06-2016 13:38

wow ... stache'ing really, really hard

Jasper 24-06-2016 13:42

Puskas 2016? I think he has my vote ...

necromancer 24-06-2016 15:31

Imagine Ibra Lapadula attack. Holy Shit the quality of goals.

May only be trumped by Quagliarella Lapadula Mexes trident.

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