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Curupira 02-07-2018 21:56

That counter

Sucks for Japan

acm55 02-07-2018 21:56

what a second half

Alec 02-07-2018 21:56

Don't cry Nippon, you gave your best :(

Ronin 02-07-2018 21:57

Honda was supposed to bury that :(

MilanMB 02-07-2018 21:58


Originally Posted by Sage (Post 2854178)
so every milan player post 2013?:lol:


Dark Knight 02-07-2018 22:13

That comeback from Belgium :love:

Belgium Brazil should be an epic match

Kalac#16 02-07-2018 22:26

Feel bad for Japan, but no matter how slim their chances are in ET you play for it and don't commit your entire team for a corner when Belgium are on average 17ft taller than you.

Good job Martinez for only taking 70 minutes to realise Japan small. Fellaini big.

Rickaka 02-07-2018 23:44


Originally Posted by Sage (Post 2854178)
so every milan player post 2013?:lol:


The Philosopher 03-07-2018 03:12

Thank you Fellaini!

Weebs gonna smell that shit you took on them for many years

Sognatore 03-07-2018 04:04

All of my heart goes to the japanese...their fans were cleaning the stadium in tears...
The team showed a nice display of determination, good sportmanship and team spirit.

In a couple of days when bitch Neymar faces his opponent I'm glad that he must look up to this

Sognatore 03-07-2018 04:07

Hopefully can we see just how accurate his acting is

joyrider 03-07-2018 11:55

Chadli is gonna start vsd Brazil

he's very underrated in the NT

MilanMB 03-07-2018 12:57

These fucking guys :star:

Sage 03-07-2018 13:08


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 2854325)

Sognatore 03-07-2018 19:01


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 2854325)

Huge respect. :star:

They're carrying humanity's torch

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