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Congo Powers 11-07-2018 14:11

GAMilan 11-07-2018 15:34

More dark days ahead for years to come....

GAMilan 11-07-2018 15:36


Originally Posted by Az. (Post 2859613)
And make a little profit on top, ofc there's slim chances of them getting really involved in the football business.

But what they will do, is create a stable structure that can be sold for a proper amount to somebody who is interested in this business. This could actually be a proper "year zero" when we actually lay some solid ground work before us.

Having a healthy management, that can bring financial stability and make smart decisions all around, not just in the transfer market is what we lack most.

Elliot will provide that, they have to if they actually want this investment to pan off.

This is really the best hope honestly.

dcfcfan1 11-07-2018 19:52

They wont spend much, we will sell out deadwood (Kalinic, betloacci, bacca) ect and sell to Rocco a year on

Cant see it being that bad

Ronin 11-07-2018 20:22

The bad: they will not invest crazy money, but just what's needed to optimize their investment.

The good: they will create a stable foundation and lead us to stable profitability, which might lead to us being bought by even a more serious owner than Rocco would've been.

I can see them going for IPO eventually. I think that is what happened to Manchester United.

SixOneFive 11-07-2018 20:31

Can we at least spell their name right in the thread title lol

Savo 13-07-2018 20:11

Best signing this year would be Rocco Commisso, here's to hoping this sale to him happens.... he has the right mindset to turn this around

Jasper 09-08-2018 08:10

~~go downtown and eat it like a vulture~~

Jasper 10-08-2018 19:06

Thenebra 10-08-2018 19:09


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 2887711)

Tnx man!

Jasper 24-08-2018 11:14

so they'll try to flip us in 3-5 years?

Has anyone seen this man in London?

Jasper 04-10-2018 21:06

mleite 28-07-2019 00:08

can’t wait for us to be owned by something other than a vulture fund

mleite 08-10-2019 23:45

We are being mis-managed and the fault goes all the way to the top!

sheva 09-10-2019 00:42

why lol

they brought you Maldini to make assurances for the project, even tho he had 0 experience but just to make Milan fans happy (wrong decision in hindsight especially when he became SD), Leonardo who had tons of experience as a SD (and betrayed the team for a better offer AGAIN), brought management that expanded our reach in Gazidis (app& more live coverage, actually aware of what the internet is unlike the two seniles), and generally is giving ALLOT of liberty to the managerial position (if you compare this to what happens with Lotito, De Laurentiis, even berlusconi).

so why do people go against the vulture fund i would never get.. because they're not pumping hundreds of millions every transfer window? because the ramifications from that are being felt until today on FFP matters..

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