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Dottore Joey 07-06-2011 16:20

Jeremy Menez Thread
Jérémy Menez


Full Name: Jérémy Menez
Birth Date: May 7 1987
Place of Birth: Longjumeau, France
Height: 1.81 (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in)
Age: 24
Position: Winger/AM
Club Number: 94
Club: Roma

Milan to make Menez offer (from Football Italia)


Italian champions Milan could be on the verge of signing Roma enigma Jeremy Menez, according to Mediaset.

Menez may quit the Stadio Olimpico outfit this summer, three years after arriving from French outfit Monaco.

According to the story, the Rossoneri officials have already agreed personal terms with the 24-year-old attacking midfielder.

Milan, who it is said are confident of landing the player for less than €10m, will now have to reach an agreement with Roma once the club’s takeover is completed.

Meanwhile, Milan are also being linked with Barcelona left-back Maxwell by reports on Tuesday.

The Brazilian defender, represented by agent Mino Raiola who works closely with Milan, is seemingly available.

However, the latter could only arrive if fellow summer signing Taye Taiwo is handed a French passport in order to free up a non-EU spot in the squad.
Reappears Menez: Milan still thinks the French


As reported by Charles Pellegatti in its service to Studiosport, Mister X Rossoneri have a name and a surname very precise: it would be Jeremy Menez, twenty-four of the Roma playmaker. AC Milan is close to the purchase of French for an amount not exceeding ten million euro. The Via Turati club, according to the indiscretions gathered by the "milanologo" for excellence Sportmediaset, But waiting for the definitive settlement of the new owners Giallorossi to make a concrete offer. Be discarded, therefore, the assumptions Marek Hamsik and Paulo Henrique Ganso, with it "rejected" by the reports also tactics Serginho, who describe him as a player accustomed to receiving the ball on his feet, a feature not appreciated by the Rossoneri Allegri.

Milan at the window for Maxwell, Barcelona's Brazilian full-back. Operation is only feasible when Taiwo get the French passport. According Pellegatti, the former Nigerian Marseille, tactical plans Massimiliano Allegri, could also serve as external attack, given his poor defensive skills, with Maxwell that, in that case, space would be on defense.

acmilan4ever 07-06-2011 16:21

Joeyyyyyyyyy add the article or two linking us with him. Thanks :)

Edit: I did it for you, biatch.

diavoli7 07-06-2011 16:22

he drifts out wide too much, plus his attitude and injury and scoring records are abysmal. i don't think we need him really

Dottore Joey 07-06-2011 16:46


Originally Posted by acmilan4ever (Post 1021692)
Joeyyyyyyyyy add the article or two linking us with him. Thanks :)

Edit: I did it for you, biatch.

Thank you for that acm4e ! :D
And i will do the linking next. ;) It's more beautiful now ! :D

BrasilianMilan 07-06-2011 16:54

Three words: we neeeeeeeed him! :D

Vecchio Ultra 07-06-2011 16:58

Menez is probably the most underrated player in Serie A, Roma did not use him at his full potential + he often only came on as a sub, + he didn't get along with Totti & Co, Borriello for him and no additional fee =:g:+:gt:

hakim 07-06-2011 17:00

mexes, taiwo, paloschi, witsel(if either gattuso or flamini leaves), ganso, menez plus one of fabregas/nasri/modric as berlu's gift would be a fucking great mercato!

Dottore Joey 07-06-2011 17:00

Menez >>>>>>>>> A.S Roma ... He was too good for them, he is meant to play for big club. :D A.S Roma are...

Curupira 07-06-2011 17:08

From what i saw this season, Menez can be very inconsistent but when it comes down to it, he can tear a defense apart (our first game vs. Roma). I wouldnt mind him but I dont think he is THE answer when it comes down to our CL aspirations

Dottore Joey 07-06-2011 17:11

Train him and feed him, and he will be superstar.

joyrider 07-06-2011 18:12


Originally Posted by President Joey (Post 1021732)
Train him and feed him, and he will be superstar.

the exact words of a moeny maker ;)

Fiero 07-06-2011 18:16

I rate this guy a lot, and would love to see him here, but does he really have a place?

In our team, I see his role similar to Robinho and Cassano. Which means if he arrives, most likely Cassano will leave. Which would suck big time. Plus he's constantly bitching about lack of first team action at Roma, and here he'll most likely play second fiddle to Robinho...

Point is I'd be gutted if Cassano leaves, but if we replace him with Menez that would make up for it a bit.

.A.K. 07-06-2011 18:17


Hitman 07-06-2011 18:24

I see this as a big step down from all the names we've been linked with... (Cesc, Hamsik, Pastore, Ganso, Lamela)

I hate the guy's attitude too, he's whines like a little girl and walks like one too

Sonny.Bill.Williams 07-06-2011 18:29

He has the tools /fertygo :o

people talking about "30 apps two goals/assists, no thanks" clearly didn't watch SA this season ....he was always a threat in his early games ,but inconsistent playing time stunted his progress to perform throughout the season ..

..those who watched Roma would notice that as soon as the coach was looking for another tactical option Menez is the first player to give way irrespective of his match performance ..most cases was when Roma decided to close up shop ...(unless there was a card /injury)

examples of these situations :

Napoli Vs Roma (score at the time of subst.0-0)

46' Brighi for Menez (score at the end 2-0 :fp:)

Roma vs Cesena (0-0)

65' Taddei for Menez (0-0 :rolleyes:) Most irritating sub ever

Roma vs Bologna (2-0)

69' Simplicio for Menez (2-2 :fp:)

Brescia Vs Roma (1-0)

46' Adriano for Menez (2-1)

Lazio Vs Roma (0-0)

40' Greco for Menez (0-2)

and so on and so forth

he was always the expendable for the coach ...and considering his ability you can see why the frustration eventually took its toll ..

another thing about the "30 apps" he only played 195min more than Pato ...he has played a bit part role for the better part of his stay in the Capital ...players like him need consistent GT to produce weekly ,a confidence player if you will

up until the Milan game ...out of the possible 1350min he could have played, he played 825 sporadic minutes and only one of those was a complete game

Throughout the season: 1788 of 3420 = 52%

He has the talent to play as CAM Imo ...pace,agility,quick feet and technically capable ,he is your ideal/perfect modern day slow brainer too

Roma thought this too and tried to play him there :

Ofc he isn't totaly absolved of all blame ,but he was IMO one of their brighter players in the begining of the season .

The form that Totti and Vucinic (add to that Juan and DDR being out of sorts) were in the begining of the season was poor......the latter was replaced ,but Totti being Totti placed himself in the team irrespective of their poor results...i'd say Mexes and Menez were probably consistently playing at an acceptable level...Then you could still factor in the disruption of the takeover talks,Ranieri running out of ideas etc etc

I'm pretty confident that given the trust and gametime he could flourish

Just a lil:

and lastly :

:proud: G :lol: (just wanted to post that again)

and If the 10 mil figure turns out to be true it will be a great the the best....

just another :g: signing :cool:/cheesy ending

only thing ...he doesn't match the claims of ..."haven't played him this season"

av1hs89 07-06-2011 18:32


Originally Posted by Hitman (Post 1021783)
I see this as a big step down from all the names we've been linked with... (Cesc, Hamsik, Pastore, Ganso, Lamela)

I hate the guy's attitude too, he's whines like a little girl and walks like one too

the players you mentioned all cost 2 to 3 times as much as this deal...its a smart move for a quality player. The move may not even cost anything if a swap with Borri works out allowing G to continue to make moves in the market. There are very few cons to this deal.

Curupira 07-06-2011 18:33

^ very good informative post Sonny.

Many tend to underrate Menez based on his numbers, but I think hes a solid player and for a good price, cant go wrong

Pedro 07-06-2011 18:37

I don't understand the starting/substitute crosses/dots.

Kasoka 07-06-2011 18:41

strong player, but not the one we need.

signing him would mean that cassano leaves imo.

Eccolo 07-06-2011 18:46

Why would Menez arrival mean that Cassano leaves? Menez plays either as a winger in 4-2-3-1 or as a CAM in 4-3-1-2. Cassano is a second striker. The player that should be worried is Robinho not Cassano

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