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Forza9 27-08-2017 18:09

AC Milan Project
Hi guys

I am a postgraduate student of Loughborough University in the UK. Now I have a project to research the relationship between AC Milan’s Chinese owner and Milan’s supporters. For that I have a questionnaire to investigate the attitude of AC Milan fans. This is the link of that questionnaire:

You can trust this link 100%:lol:

There are only 15 choice questions and 3 minutes is enough to fill it.

Thanks for your participation.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::g::g: :g:

Share some photos of San Siro I took last month

necromancer 27-08-2017 19:01

:thumbsup: Took the survey.

(In the first page, the 'next' button is currently only in Chinese. You may want to make it bilingual next time).

Jasper 27-08-2017 19:12

Done. Good luck!

Forza9 27-08-2017 19:16

oh yes it's a mistake, I will change it immediately

Forza9 27-08-2017 19:23

Thanks bro

The Philosopher 27-08-2017 20:35

Done bro

Would love to see the results of your dissertation!

jammin 27-08-2017 20:50

When do I get my money?

Forza9 28-08-2017 15:03

hhh 微博上的盆友?

tuccero9 28-08-2017 17:39

done it.
good luck to you!

joyrider 28-08-2017 18:54


bacon d'or 28-08-2017 20:24

done deal

AC_Wesley 28-08-2017 21:42

When drawing conclusions from your results, you need to take into account you formulate positive and negative questions.

Assuming that
Strongly agree - 5 point
Agree - 4 point
Neutral - 3 point
Disagree - 2 point
Strongly disagree - 1 point

B) Ownership of the Club
"I am satisfied with the work done by former President Silvio Berlusconi in the past"
- Strongly Agree 5 point

"As a football fan, I think the foreign ownership is a negative thing for football clubs"
- Strongly disagree 1 point

If an high score would mean having a positive view on B) the ownership of the club, then your negative formulated questions will impact on the outcome in a bad way.

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