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Goodfella 09-08-2019 15:24


Originally Posted by Arsene (Post 3054846)
From the bottom of my heart. Thank you Milan for taking Gazidis from us. We are alive as a club again.

Based on what?
Signing Pepe? David Luiz? Tierney, Saliba, Ceballos?

You've learned nothing.

fray 09-08-2019 20:11

Premier League starts today.

Man City will win it again.

Man Utd going into the season as underdogs, for first time since ...(?)

Nalim 09-08-2019 21:54

I wonder how Norwich plan to survive in the premier league this season when their cb's don't defend

IL Diavolo 3 09-08-2019 22:43

Norwich right back Aarons will be something.

fray 09-08-2019 22:56

Their winger Buendia has impressed me, looks like a player with good technique. Never heard of him before today.

ZBoban 11-08-2019 08:29

I just realized Aston Villa spent something like 150€ million this summer. Money really flowing well in epl.

Az. 11-08-2019 14:18

United - Chelsea today, Game Week One could end spectacularly.

Jasper 11-08-2019 14:35

The Worst coach derby?

Noyon9s 11-08-2019 14:45

Really cant see Cutrone making first team at Wolves

Az. 11-08-2019 15:37


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 3055957)
The Worst coach derby?

Remains to be seen, Lampard has a good chance to turn into a great coach. He has a great start so far to his coaching career.

Master Smurf 11-08-2019 16:38


Originally Posted by Noyon9s (Post 3055967)
Really cant see Cutrone making first team at Wolves

Their strikers today have been terrible - gunshy wanting perfect chances - Patrick can be the instinctive poacher to go with whomever pairs with him.

He will have to revert to his efficient rate though how he started at Milan.

Also for the Neves droolers - he has been invisible and just subbed.

Qaas 11-08-2019 16:38

Cutrone starting from the bench?
You hate to see it

campsfield68 11-08-2019 16:39


Originally Posted by Az. (Post 3055949)
United - Chelsea today, Game Week One could end spectacularly.

any link?

Az. 11-08-2019 17:44


Originally Posted by campsfield68 (Post 3056045)
any link?

Have it on TV, can't help sorry. Chelsea are playing really well in the first 15 minutes, playing with fluidity and unlucky not to be ahead on the score sheet.

Also 74% possession, lol.

Az. 11-08-2019 17:48

And lol pk for United, Zouma is brain dead.

Az. 11-08-2019 18:02

United have turned on the pressing game up, since the goal they pinned back Chelsea for a good 15 minutes.

Az. 11-08-2019 18:11

Man Chelsea are so unlucky, second time the ball hits the bar.

leaf 11-08-2019 18:20

Chelsea trying to outManchesterUnited Manchester United :fp:

fray 11-08-2019 18:26

Harry Maguire will be a very good signing for Man Utd.

His price tag was deemed very high for us Serie A fans, but for a Premier League club like Man Utd it's pocket money.

Az. 11-08-2019 18:56

Rashford is tearing up a new asshole to does Chelsea defenders.

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