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Rickaka 01-09-2014 21:28

Official: Giacomo Bonaventura Thread
Name: Giacomo Bonaventura
Date of birth: 22th of august 1989
Place of birth: San Severino Marche, Italy
Height: 181 cm
Position: Midfielder, Winger

Bonavulture... We never saw it coming..

The Man 01-09-2014 21:31

Great player! He will be amazing in the red black colors.

Rickaka 01-09-2014 21:35


AC Milan News ‏@Milanello 24 sec.
Sky also confirms that Milan have signed Bonaventura.
#BenvenutoBonaventura #BonaventuraRossonero @giacomobona
Just like that...

Mario 01-09-2014 21:39

Crying tears of joy.. my God. Exactly the type of signing Milan need to be making.

Add ''Jack'' to the thread name ples mods. Giacomo Jack Bonaventura

Shadow47 01-09-2014 21:41

is he any good? didn't watch him much

AC_Wesley 01-09-2014 21:42

I like. I like very much Bonaventura.

Polotelli 01-09-2014 21:43

from Biabiany to Bonaventura

grazie Zaccardo :proud:

Mario 01-09-2014 21:46

Merda forum meltdown because of this :lol:

Jasper 01-09-2014 21:52

condor has landed

acm55 01-09-2014 21:53


Mario 01-09-2014 21:54

BREAKING: Bonaventura called Biabiany asking where did he leave Milan's scarf.

Mario 01-09-2014 21:57

With Di Marzio live on TV. Classic.

Sven 01-09-2014 22:00

Mario 01-09-2014 22:01

OFFICIAL: Bonaventura joins Milan. Contract until June 30, 2019. #BenvenutoBonaventura #BonaventuraRossonero @giacomobona

Bonaventura will sign a 5-year contract with Milan. #BenvenutoBonaventura

4 - Giacomo Bonaventura ha segnato 4 dei suoi 14 gol in Serie A all'Inter, sua vittima preferita. Derby.
Inter :lol:

Rickaka 01-09-2014 22:02

So who's going to provide the scouting report for the calcio noobs

MilanSpecialist 01-09-2014 22:07

Amazing pick up! As said, just what we needed and he's proven talent! G. Came through!

damn 01-09-2014 22:09

great defender.....reminds me of nesta :rolleyes:

Montolivo 01-09-2014 22:10


Originally Posted by damn (Post 2153417)
great defender.....reminds me of nesta :rolleyes:

defender? :fp:

Polotelli 01-09-2014 22:10

Best signing of the summer for me

Jasper 01-09-2014 22:13

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