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Soldier_of_god 17-02-2015 05:38

knowing inzaghi, he probably benched suso cause he is far too technical for this meeelan team.

joyrider 17-02-2015 06:28

he's still settling down :b:

General 17-02-2015 06:38


Sod-Lod 03-03-2015 14:56

Milan Fans

Suso: "I'm adapting more to Italian football, it's a bit different than English and Spanish football. I'm well with my teammates."

Suso: "I would like to play more, I am understanding the mechanism of playing here in Italy and waiting for my chance."

Suso: "Since day one Diego Lopez has always helped me but also other players give me advice. We all try to help each other."

Suso: "My favourite position is the trequartista. I previously played as a left, right winger and in midfield. I'm available for the coach."

Suso: "I'm very happy to be here at Milan and I'm adapting well to Italian lifestyle."

Suso: "The coach cares about every detail. Certainly we will have to play a better game vs Verona than the one against Chievo."

Suso: "I already played for a big team like Liverpool and I'll try to do everything to become an important player for Milan."

Sod-Lod 03-03-2015 15:03

MILAN - Suso spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel earlier today at Milanello. These were the comments from the versatile Spanish midfielder:

"I am still getting used to Italian football, I am working to settle in as best as possible, of course I would have liked to have played more, but I am waiting for my chance.

Diego Lopez has been giving me a hand since my first day at Milanello, but all of my team mates have been giving me advice and helping me settle into the squad. We?re a very close group with a big desire to do well.

My best position is playing behind the strikers, last year I played on the right wing, the left wing and in the past even as a centre midfielder but I play where the coach wants.

I am very happy to be here, I am adapting to life in Italy, which is similar to that in Spain, I like Milan. I am settling in better every day to my new life here.

The coach takes care of every detail, this week we will work in a different way compared to last week. We always try and do our best and to do what the coach asks of us.

I would like to become a key player for this team, my main ambition is to be successful with Milan, I have played for a big club like Liverpool in the past and my objective is to always give my very best."

FNF 03-03-2015 15:53

Guaranteed he has some muscular problems because of #MilanTraining.

joyrider 03-03-2015 21:41

adaptation phase has started :b:

A milan fan 04-03-2015 19:08

Do you think he is just getting the bulking up treatment ala Ses or he is here to take over from didac vila?

joyrider 04-03-2015 19:50

probably more of a salomon case (i hope not)

A milan fan 04-03-2015 21:26

I hope not too since he is a very technical player. We just don't seem to play youngsters (good ones) well. I don't think Ses would still be here if he didn't blow the way he did.

Hugh Janus 16-03-2015 22:46

Mexes5 16-03-2015 22:50

That's a good tweet

would read again

Mr. Milanista 16-03-2015 22:54

10/10 argument

Hugh Janus 16-03-2015 22:57

9/11 for relevance

Raz 16-03-2015 23:11

I think he's really Didac Vila...

FNF 16-03-2015 23:20

r8 8/8

Wake the Dead 17-03-2015 00:44

That tweet tells everything :lol:

ikita 17-03-2015 04:13


Originally Posted by Wake the Dead (Post 2246221)
That tweet tells everything :lol:

it is the epitome of milan

ACtheMilan 22-03-2015 06:10

Pazzo n Essien?? y not Suso..

Naraku 22-03-2015 09:54

^^^^ Suso would already seem to have no immediate future here. Expect a loan next season for sure.

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