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milan_my_love 30-10-2006 14:17

Important Announcements
This sticky thread would be used to make public announcements matters concerning SAPL forum. Down under are a couple of announcements.

* Rossoneri4life and Fyrstnissen have been warned. The reasons have been described in the week 5 league games. [7-10-06]

* Besi has requested to withdraw from this season's SAPL due to personal reasons via pm. So, his name won't be read in this season's ovreall scores list.


In case of any suggestions, confusions or complaints feel free to use the PM function.


milan_my_love 01-11-2007 08:27

* The threads of the previous SAPL season have been unstuck and i have made the "scores of current sapl season" thread a sticky one.

Special thanks to the members who played their positive part in this sub forum in my absence. I appreciate the current progress as well and encourage you guys to post the new game threads and update the scores as well. I'm right here and would check the sub forum daily to overcome any problem. For any suggestion or complaints fell free to use PM function of your browser.


David 02-11-2007 19:28

Special thanks to atza|milanist :star: for keeping this forum up while Omer was gone.

milan_my_love 25-08-2008 19:50

The SAPL for 2008-09 has begun.

Have fun, quality time and Good luck. ;)


ulladullau 21-01-2013 08:01


1. kharrazian
2. Cescania
3. jonddu^

1. Seamus
2. kharrazian
3. warmth

1. milan_my_love
2. Passion for *9*
3. ~biski biskit

1. Rex
2. Passion for *9*
3. milan_my_love


1. Gattuso Warrior
2. black-eagle
3. albion tifo

1. Milansom
2. N3d0
3. ulladullau

1. Gattuso Warrior
2. Hassan
3. albion tifo

1. Cristina
2. albion tifo
3. acm55

1. seveners
2. johnnyys
3. acm55

1. johnnyys
2. Sonny.Bill.Williams
3. seveners

1. johnnyys
2. dhorasoo
3. ulladullau

1. seveners
2. Azzurrii-08
3. ulladullau

1. johnnyys
2. seveners
3. Azzurrii-08

CL Winner - Fusiproe12

1. seveners
2. acm55
3. necromancer

1. seveners
2. acm55
3. ulladullau

1. seveners
2. dhorasoo
3. acm55

I can't find the scores for 2006/07, I may have to calculate them all...if I feel like it :D

ulladullau 06-08-2013 10:12

Updated Rules
RULES for the Serie A Prediction League

1. Each week a new thread will be started on Monday by the moderators with a list of the upcoming weeks games. In this thread you should post your predictions on what you think the actual out comes of the games will be. The easiest way is to copy/paste the list of games and to just insert the results that you think will happen.

Note: Do NOT start a thread if one does not yet exist! A moderator or site admin will do it each week on Monday for the games for the upcoming week and weekend games.

2. Scoring: Updated for 2013/14
Three points will be available per game predicted:
1pt for predicting the winner
1pt for predicting the correct goal difference
1pt for predicting the actual score
NB: If you predict the actual score you will get 3 points (one for winner, goal difference and score)
Say the actual score is Milan 3-0 Inter
If you have predicted the following:
A Milan win 3-0 ---> 3 points
A Milan win 4-1 or 5-2 etc (with the same goal difference of +3) ----> 2 points
Any other Milan win ---> 1 point
Any Inter win ---> 0 points (and shame on you :D)
Any Draw ---> 0 points

Also, in regards to Draws
If you predict a Draw correctly with the actual score correct ---> 3 points
If you predict a Draw correctly with the wrong score ---> 2 points (as you will always have the goal difference correct in case of a draw)
If you predict a home or away win ---> 0 points

3. Predictions
- Predictions should be entered before the start of the respective round.
- You may post your predictions after the start of the round, but any games that have kicked off before your prediction is posted WILL NOT be counted.
- Please only post your prediction once each week!
- If you would like to change your prediction BEFORE the weekends games just edit your post.
- If you accidentally post two predictions and both are before the kickoff of the first game, the second prediction will be taken (and the first deleted). If one is after the kickoff of the first game, it will be deleted.
- Some weeks there will be two threads, one for the league games and one for the Coppa Italia/UEFA Cup/Champion's League games as stated before, it is fine to post 1 prediction in the league games thread and 1 prediction in the Coppa Italia/CL thread.
IMPORTANT: If you edit your post after the kickoff of the first match, then any match that has already been started WILL NOT be counted.

4. A Sticky Thread will be started, and updated after each round of Serie A, Coppa Italia and European games, to shower the "Leaderboard."
This thread will remain closed and is not for discussions, please use the Discussion Thread for questions or general chat.

5. The Champions League and Coppa Italia will also be added to the contest when the reach the appropriate stages of the competitions.
- The Coppa Italia will start at the Last 16
- The Champions League will start at the Group Stage
- The Europa League will start at the Group Stage

6. If the SAPL ends in a tie, we will decide as to what should be the tie breaker at that time.

7. Prizes: Prizes will be at the discression of the Moderators/Admin.

8. Please post your prediction is the following manner. Let say you think Milan (away team) win beat Hellas Verona (home team) 3 to nothing. It should be posted in the following manner:

Hellas Verona 0-3 Milan

If you have any questions about the rules or any questions in general about the game please post in the Discussion Thread or PM ulladullau and he would be glad to clairify and questions you may have.

Good Luck!!!

AC_Wesley 29-09-2013 21:33

SAPL Winner
Dear players of the Serie A Prediction League!

After some heavy brainstorming we would like to announce a new little add in the SAPL. As to this day the winner of the SAPL will be announced in the Important Announcement thread and receives a prize. But what about some more recognition on the Forums. Showing everyone you know some serious calcio. Therefore we have decided the winner of a certain season of the SAPL will receive green coloured letters for his username. You will be entitled to your green username letters from the moment you win the SAPL season until there is a next winner!

Note: winning a green coloured username will only count for members. It does not apply for Moderators, Supermoderators or Admins.

Play safe, play fair, play SAPL, be green!


AC_Wesley 13-09-2014 12:47

Season Bets
Dear SAPL players!

At the age of 71, a light-weight criminal named Carlo Tavecchio has been recently announced as new President of the FIGC. Italy is progressing and so are we! :proud: After some heavy (:devilcon:) brainstorming with ulladullau and David, we proudly present a new feature in the SAPL: Season Bets.

Each season we shall determine a set of bets, such as:
- Scudetto winner
- Capocannoniere
- To be related teams
- etc

Anyone who is slightly familiar with betting shall know that to each bet there is a certain amount of points to be earned. Like any other prediction, you can find the Season Bets in the SAPL Forum.

Certainly, we are open to suggestions. We can discuss them here.

AC_Wesley 13-09-2014 12:57

Minimum value
Dear SAPL players,

Missed or forgot to add your predictions for a week? No sweat! We acknowledge it's a pity to fall behind in the ranking like this. So, we like to introduce the minimum value option.

A player who forgot to add his or her predictions will receive the minimum scored points of that round with a 1 point penalty.

In this way, we hope to soften your pain and motivate players to keep on playing!


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