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Nestagirl 26-05-2005 03:46

Alessandro Nesta Thread
This is now going to be the Official: Alessandro Nesta Thread
- Seamus -

According to "Controcampo", Sandro's girlfriend, Gabriela Pagnozzi is pregnant with some months. Is not a confirmed news, but if it's true, I think Sandro will confirm it soon in Milan's webpage.

I have contradict feelings about this. At one side, I'll be happy for him in case that the news will be true. If he's happy, I'm happy. At the other side... geez! I hate Gabriela a lot... I hope that the baby looks like Sandro, if not... poor baby -_-

Don Dada 26-05-2005 05:50

Do u just hate her cos she's with Nesta and ur not?? :tongue:


milan_rockz 26-05-2005 08:04

woww a great news then. congratulationn..
anyway has nesta married to gabriela???

Nestagirl 27-05-2005 06:27

Haha, Don Dada, you're totally right! :D

And nope, Sandro and Gabriela aren't married yet. Who knows? maybe before of after the birth, will marry. By the way, I read in some page that Gabriela has 3 months pregnant... but still, don't have an official confirmation.

Anguisette 27-05-2005 15:39

Hey Nestagirl, I seem to meet you everywhere!! Has it been confirmed yet?

Fanta Ele 27-05-2005 16:56

Great news! Congrats Alessandro!!! :D

Nestagirl 12-06-2005 01:11

Nope, not confirmed yet... maybe we gonna know what happened until next season starts , so as the "family troubles" that made Sandro to leave the Nazionale before the match against Norway...

Anguisette 12-06-2005 01:40

All the best to them both, no matter what happens.

NeSTa_86 12-06-2005 10:07

congratulation sandro;)

louise_dk 12-06-2005 14:54

If it is true, then congrats to the both of them :)

GeronimoFinch 12-06-2005 17:10

Yes, brilliant. Wasn't a complete barren season, then.

NeSTa_86 12-06-2005 18:54

yeahhhhhh sandro is dude

Inzaghi9 12-06-2005 19:45

wow,that's great!congratulations,Sandro!

kakacalcio 12-06-2005 19:54

great news for them both,congratulations!

natascha 19-06-2005 10:47

bad news for me :( :(

Sandro Nesta 19-06-2005 16:47

Great! congrats to Nesta and his girl;)

r3dman 20-06-2005 09:28


Originally Posted by natascha
bad news for me :( :(

ROFL! Don't worry, they can still get separated after that.:D

Anyway, congratulations Sandro!

kakacalcio 04-07-2005 19:12

nesta smoking!
i didn't think any of the players smoked,how naive am i?

Passion for *9* 04-07-2005 19:16

Well, his fugly GF is smoking.. I guess he was thinking active or passive... same difference ;)

Normally football players LOVE to party, IMHO all these stories about healthy living are mostly BS.

Anguisette 04-07-2005 19:32

Depends on how often he does it. It could be just a holiday habit.

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