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AndreiX 10-06-2015 14:10

Mats Hummels

Joining the list of transfers that will not happen

Mr. Milanista 10-06-2015 14:13

30 million

AndreiX 10-06-2015 14:14

milanoldfarts 10-06-2015 14:52

Come here you Nutella-eating bastard!!!

Qaas 10-06-2015 14:56

He rejected united ffs.
But if we somehow manage to sign him, okay i will stop it here.. Too much fantasy.

Nostradamus 10-06-2015 16:20


Originally Posted by Qaas (Post 2297870)
He rejected united ffs.
But if we somehow manage to sign him, okay i will stop it here.. Too much fantasy.

He ll leave Dortmund next summer and then its very likely the EPL or one of Real or Barca, if they r interested.

Dottore Joey 10-06-2015 16:22

Shut your goddamn mouth Nostradamus, stop stating obvious shit over the table.

We get it, everything German can't go to Italy.

Savo 10-06-2015 16:47

Are we really linked with hummels?? If so, hummels, jackson martinez, and marco verratti would be a perfect 3 signings.

Polotelli 10-06-2015 16:51

I rather have one of Benatia, Thiago Silva, Godin or Miranda

Hummels is so overrated :o

TheBossSaud 10-06-2015 16:54

thats not gonna happen

AndreiX 10-06-2015 16:56

really ? :lol:

Dottore Joey 10-06-2015 16:58

Of course he will not come here, no matter how much we have.

Bullshit media rumour.

AndreiX 10-06-2015 17:14

So you're telling me he wouldn't move to a club that doesn't play in CL and hasn't made any other good signings ? (yet...hopefully)

Massaro94 10-06-2015 17:57


Bayern Munich be buying up all the german talent... yet they let this guy go.

milanoldfarts 10-06-2015 17:59


Originally Posted by Massaro94 (Post 2298179)

You're wrong as usual :head:

Tantalis 10-06-2015 19:33

hes a perfect libero

AndreiX 10-06-2015 19:56


Originally Posted by Tantalis (Post 2298299)
hes a perfect libero

Libero = not necessarily tall and really fast

Tantalis 10-06-2015 21:16


Originally Posted by AndreiX (Post 2298337)
Libero = not necessarily tall and really fast

no, you can have a defensive libero like in catenaccio. youre just describing baresi and beckenbauer

Ender 11-06-2015 02:42


Nestafan 12-06-2015 12:38

Would absolutely love to see him at Milan.

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