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necromancer 13-04-2017 14:41

The Consortium (Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux) Thread
The new sheriffs in town.

A new era begins.

Han Li's signature

Yonghong Li's swag

seveners 13-04-2017 14:43

New Era :proud:

Casualista 13-04-2017 14:46

Han Dynasty :proud:

400 years of golden age please.

Mr. Tea 13-04-2017 14:53


beegees 13-04-2017 14:57

Congo Powers 13-04-2017 14:57

1986/87 season 1--berlusconi begin
1987/88 season 2--scudetto
1988/89 season 3--champions league
1989/90 season 4--champions league

ching chong balong: ?

Qaas 13-04-2017 15:03

les gooooooooo!!!! :c:

forward 13-04-2017 15:08

Is there any info about who's behind the consortium?
Who are the real buyers?
And what's their real net worth?

Donato 13-04-2017 15:23

Welcome! Beginning of a new era, let's conquer the world again!!

inomilan 13-04-2017 15:37


VultureSheva 13-04-2017 15:49

A thread without Yonghong Li's photo? He is the owner.

MilanCampeador 13-04-2017 15:51

Curious to see what the future will bring...

VultureSheva 13-04-2017 16:08

Master Smurf 13-04-2017 16:18

Didnt think it was actually going to happen.

Now it has, hopefully proper execution of objectives and leaving drama behind.

mleite 13-04-2017 16:27


Originally Posted by beegees (Post 2625730)

At last! Welcome!

BrasilianMilan 13-04-2017 17:08

New Era indeed! Here's hoping for the best :beer:

MilanShion 13-04-2017 17:47

Chinese Milan! Let's go!

Sage 13-04-2017 17:49


Originally Posted by Congo Powers (Post 2625732)

ching chong balong: ?

very disrespectful

necromancer 13-04-2017 19:02


Originally Posted by VultureSheva (Post 2625769)
A thread without Yonghong Li's photo? He is the owner.

Good point. I've added. (He's not the 'owner'. He's a figurehead.)

Congo Powers 13-04-2017 19:06


Originally Posted by VultureSheva (Post 2625784)

who is this man, what is his name? what is his role

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