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leaf 11-11-2019 21:31

I'm trying to be bothered about this and go on a long Ben Shappiro-esque MuH fReE sPeAcH rant....but I just can't :D

Pingu 12-11-2019 14:04

At least he'll have time to go get a girlfriend now. Good luck dc my friend.

vB9 09-01-2020 05:50


Originally Posted by Samaldinho (Post 3106987)
Honestly Necro, I wonder where you get this arrogance from. You consistently offer maxims about how the footballing world works, and yet, your opinions are consistently lambasted and mocked.

I mean, we all make mistakes, like I thought Montella would actually do a good job. I also (inexplicably) think Hakan can become a good player. I'm sure there are a host of opinions that I have that many would find silly, outlandish, or just plain wrong. We all do, so your attitude and tone is jarring because I wonder what gives you this sense of importance. I mean this sincerely.

I take no joy in pointing this out, but I wonder what has given you this sense of grandiosity. Genuinely. Is it because you are a mod? Do you hold yourself "above the fray" because everyone here (including myself) has opinions that we find laughable, and therefore we string together a patchwork of those opinions we find silly and contrast them to our own to affirm our own sense of logic and knowledge?

I am confused because there is a difference between disagreeing with someone, which I do with many on here (and many disagree with me [which is natural and fine]), and offering pithy statements in response to things I am saying to another person. If Hugh (who I was arguing with) wanted to reply to me this way, I'd understand. Maybe you could explain to me why I am wrong, perhaps engage with me--I love to learn--but you don't. I find this particularly odd because, again, not only do you not offer an argument in return, but I genuinely wonder what do you expect of me in response to your patronizing statement?

I believe the last time you attacked my sense of reality, I responded in (my typical) lengthy way and questioned why a mod would act this way. I asked that you please leave me alone, as I expected more from a mod. I have replied to some of your posts since then (I double-checked), making sure that they would be in a respectful manner--and I actually agreed with you--as I thought that previous dust-up should be forgotten about and that we can move on. It seems you are unable to either address this situation properly as an adult, nor have you done so privately, and have seemed to continually violate the norms that I would imagine a mod would adhere to. I am disappointed and confused.

I highlight this, again, because you are a mod. I can understand you offering terse statements to posters you believe are trolls, or to someone who you feel you need to corral, but I am confused because I have not displayed the sort of behavior that (I believe) warrants your responses, especially as I requested that you cease that sort of behavior with me.

If you are going to reply to me, be an adult. I don't need your paternalistic responses, nor do I value your opinion enough to heed your dime-store attempts at laconic wit, because you are bad at it. The only reason I am addressing you at this length is because you are a mod, and I'd imagine that you should be expected to act like one. I'd rather discuss things about Milan with you, I'd love to be enlightened about your perspectives (maybe there are things I've missed, I'm not omniscient), and I have attempted to smooth things over by engaging with you after our last dust-up.

However, if this is to become an annual occurrence, I'd rather you display some tact and just leave me alone. I've tried to be diplomatic from our last tiff, engage with you, and hopefully get some new perspectives. That has not happened. You are a mod of this forum and should act like one, and if this was a misunderstanding I'd imagine you'd want to address this privately--but you haven't and at this point I'd rather deal with this out in the open, because your attitude is unnecessary and (now) repetitive.

The whole point of a mod is for you to moderate, make sure things run smoothly, and the fact that this is the second time I've felt the need to respond to your attitude, perhaps you should reflect upon yourself a little bit. It shouldn't be my job to ask you to modulate your approach with me.

My response, I'd like to repeat and underline, is rooted in your status as a mod. If it was another poster, I'd probably ignore it, shrug my shoulders and move on--or I'd write some annoyingly long response (like this one), but I ask you: at what point do you reflect upon yourself and ponder what creates this need to correct me like I'm a child, what gives you the entitlement to do this, and what can you do to ameliorate that?

Perhaps those questions are too prying. Perhaps you think I'm just being a dick. Or perhaps you should just leave me alone if you're going to continue to offer me more of this. I'll probably want to respond to something you'll say in the future, and I will do so with respect and with sincerity, like I did last time; because you deserve respect, as does anyone. I'd prefer that sort of interaction. However, if you are incapable of that, I'd ask that you leave me alone. I'd put you on ignore, but because you a mod, I am unable to do so, hence the need to have this sort of discussion here.

Sam, I put yr post here without yr permission and I am sorry, my only intent was to put this great piece of work where it gets max exposure and not buried in the main thread where originally posted. This needs to be read by as many members as possible.

Thank you,
A true fan

beegees 09-01-2020 06:27

David, please dismiss Necro from mod role for the good of the forum.

my fellow RnB brothers, please repost until David read this.
let's begin the revolution.

leaf 09-01-2020 15:28


Originally Posted by beegees (Post 3107072)
David, please dismiss Necro from mod role for the good of the forum.

my fellow RnB brothers, please repost until David read this.
let's begin the revolution.

Although I support this....necro has kind of grown on something that's more fun to bitch about than actually address. He's not moving. He's not changing. Might as well deal with it. The forum is a great place even with the infestation of n00b charlatans.

Casualista 10-01-2020 09:10

Glancing at this forum gives you the same vibes at the back of your ears as watching giampaolos football. You start asking yourself if life can be so boring that you've lost the will to stand.

The mods are irrelevant to this end. The damage has already been done.

Banter era shit housery made watching Milan worth it.

Now it's so bad I don't even need to ask to be ashished. :eek:

Goodfella is a good poster though. I appreciate the effort he puts in for the level of responses he expects to receive.

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