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necromancer 22-06-2018 19:00

The Rickettses
Meet the Rickettses!

To be honest, feels like a really sensible bunch.

bacon d'or 22-06-2018 19:06

first :devilhor:

Khurrisu 22-06-2018 19:08

Hopefully the start of something magical.

Sage 22-06-2018 19:09

pls buy

Pingu 22-06-2018 19:22

Make AC Milan great again!

Buy out Li's shares, increase revenue, build new stadium. Don't need another 200m+ mercato, just sell a few and use the rumored 80m~ too to bring in some quality and we're good to go.

Stitches 22-06-2018 19:25

Rickettses? "Ricketts family", ples.

Don't mind the accounting ... just buy already. Everything is fine there :devilcon:

.A.K. 22-06-2018 19:51


Rickaka 22-06-2018 20:05

I have a good feeling about this.

Experience in owning sport teams, transparent background, clearly wealthy and they are moving quick with no drama.

Also we all know that wealthy American families do not like to be embarassed.

Goodfella 22-06-2018 21:21

I hope they know what they're getting into.

Football is not baseball.
Serie A is not EPL.
F&M & B&G have made deals(player contracts & transfer fees) that will cripple us for a long time.

Being sensible will not be enough to turn this around.

AndreiX 22-06-2018 21:25

If they have money and are not morons :thumbsup:

Sage 22-06-2018 21:27


Originally Posted by Goodfella (Post 2848247)

Being sensible will not be enough to turn this around.

you're so negative

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