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Ashish 25-08-2011 04:09


Originally Posted by Sasha (Post 1081775)
Thats right bitch. I win. :o :tongue:

ok sir cup :D

inomilan 05-10-2011 07:18


Originally Posted by Calum1903 (Post 1121000)
I find it incredible that some people underestimate Nesta's continuing value to Milan.

As his physical decline continues, he could easily step back and become less active in order to avoid personal humiliation. Look at the games against Juventus and Barcelona: both teams played without a fixed CF, and Nesta could have simply sat back in the defensive line and left Vucinic/Messi to be someone else's problem.

But he didn't do that, because he's not a coward. Instead of hiding, he takes responsibility. Like all great players, he plays on the front foot, and seeks to use his ability and intelligence to impose himself on the game. In doing so he risks being made to look foolish, but he's more interested in helping his team than merely avoiding blame or protecting his own reputation.

Against Barcelona, when Messi and others found space between midfield and defence, Nesta repeatedly moved out into the space between the lines. Against Juventus, he tracked Vucinic all the way into the midfield and made a concerted effort to win the ball earlier, so that Milan wouldn't be pinned down on their own 18-yard line. These were moves that left Nesta exposed, but they were moves that were sorely needed by a struggling team. So he stepped up.

There's no substitute for that kind of leadership. Fuck anyone who disrespects Nesta.

One of the best posts I've seen recently.

Corzioli 25-10-2011 21:14



nuttela 06-12-2011 11:50











i just had an urge to see what comes upp

edit: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i feel complete now.

Jasper 07-12-2011 09:59


Sod-Lod 28-03-2012 13:47


Originally Posted by LimerickMilan (Post 1289686)
I'm feeling very uneasy about tonights game. I know the team that Max sends out will do us proud though.

This is my request!
I don't really want to be reading or seeing any abusive posts, regarding a player who misplaces a pass/ cross, or if you think our manager makes the wrong call.

I'm not the only one, alot of other members here are getting annoyed at having to scroll through rems of abusive posts. Criticism is welcomed but abuse is not, pleae take a moment to think before hitting the SUBMIT REPLY button. Thank you.

By all means say, terrible cross from XXXXX, do better next time!'
But no need to say fuck you XXXXX you stupid fucking cunt, fuck off back to whatever shithole you crawled out of.

We are in this together, players, manager, fans.
United and we are strong, Divided and we are weak.

Lets back our team 100%, we HAVE to, its Barcelona we're facing.
We expect our team to be totally focused on the job at hand, and as supporters, our job is to give 100% support too. Now is not the time for dissent in the ranks.
Forza Milan.

Well deserved :star:

Az. 28-03-2012 14:36


Originally Posted by Sod-Lod (Post 1289699)
Well deserved :star:

Yeah..not to be a bitch or anything,but that doesnt really apply to online forums unless the San Siro has a giant screen with a live feed of this forum.

Also a tad bit of unpleasentries spat in the direction of players sometimes works wonders.They tend to want to stick it up to the fans,and play even better.

Sod-Lod 28-03-2012 15:20


Originally Posted by Az. (Post 1289718)
Yeah..not to be a bitch or anything,but that doesnt really apply to online forums unless the San Siro has a giant screen with a live feed of this forum.

Also a tad bit of unpleasentries spat in the direction of players sometimes works wonders.They tend to want to stick it up to the fans,and play even better.

If Sony Holographic 3D success to make the connection with the players then Berlu can make it in San Siro too when he buys it :o :tongue:

kidding dude ;)

Fiero 06-05-2012 23:17


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 1339273)
my friend, u don't think i'm sad, disasspointed and pissed off? seriously?

i just refuse to insult my team... this is football, u don't always win win the biggest titles at the end of the season.

if u love milan, u love them in good times and bad times.

glory hunters aren't the one's who becomes fans when the team wins something, glory hunters are the one's who show their back to the club when it fails. and yes, most people in this forum are the definition of glory hunters, and they know who they are.

milan is milan for me, they bring me joy in so many ways, not only by winning games or titles, i enjoy watching them play, i enjoy following them and just being a fan. that's important to me since i honestly don't have many things in my life at the moment that brings me joy.

the thing i'm MOST sad about right now is that the season is almost over and i wont be seeing my team play for 3 months. i see no point in cry about lost titles because i know that another season will come, and another one after that, and knowing milan, we'll win again.


Thank you for that.

Sod-Lod 06-05-2012 23:23


Originally Posted by Fiero (Post 1339333)
Thank you for that.

You beat me and MilanMB :thumbsup: he deserves the Golden Letters :star:

MilanMB 06-05-2012 23:46

aww fiero and soddy, thank u guys :proud:

Sage 07-05-2012 00:00

pretentious n00b posts

jammin 11-05-2012 03:34

i think this deserves to be here:


Originally Posted by Fiero (Post 1344442)
It's hitting me now... and I'm emotional as fuck. :cry: Pippo, Nesta, and Aquilani (understandably only for me)... shit that's too much.

Pippo has been 'gone' since the Madrid game, but fuck I'm too nostalgic. All those goals, the memories... the runs trying to beat the offside trap, the gestures towards the linesman every time he gets it wrong (many times it's right but Pippo gestures anyway :D :cry: ), the huge balls... fighting for every ball till the last minute... the passionate crazy celebrations, the fucking vital goals. With him there was certain confidence, a sense of security that no matter what there's always Pippo to grab us the goals.

How could a man at 37 years of age enter vs the strongest (or 2nd strongest) team in the world and score twice when the team had failed to score for the entire game at the Bernabeu and the majority at San Siro? Only Pippo... only Pippo would score with his shoulder in a Champions League final. :lol: Only Pippo would celebrate after scoring when Puerta died (no disrespect intended)... only Pippo would score THAT goal vs Buffon and his ex-team. :lol: Hattrick vs Deportivo... Bayern's personal nightmare... the last minute goal vs Lyon to take us to the Champions League semis :proud:... HIS (yes his and not JDT's) goal vs Ajax to take us to another Champions League semis :proud: Holy fuck I could go on and on... the derby goal from Rui's assist, or that magical derby in 2008 when he and Kaka KO'd inter to give us hope for Champions League football :cry: what a day that was... the passion was unreal.

I just can't seem to say goodbye. Please just stay forever on the bench with the number 9 shirt for no money in return. :D :cry: Just to make us feel secure. In the past it was always "Don't worry, there's always Pippo"... now what? When the team is begging for a goal in the dying seconds like vs Bologna recently who will nick it in? When the time is playing against a big ass team or a super important knockout match, who will score? Real, barca, inter, juve, United, Liverpool, Bayern, he's scored vs them all. What a legend. What a champion. What a man. What a superhero. What an idol. To come back from that 2 year injury, and what a way he returned... he was scoring for fun. Even made it to the World Cup squad and... what's up Cech? That's right fuckers. There's no tournament he hasn't scored in nor won. World Cup? Yes. Champions League? Yes. Euros? Fuck you Trezeguet... Mickey Mouse UEFA Super Cup? Yes. Donald Duck World Club Cup? Yes. Serie A? Are you kidding me? :lol: UEFA Fodder Cup aka UEFA Cup aka Europa League aka no one really cares? Hell yes.

This guy... this guy is the prime example of what one could reach out of pure passion and desire. GRAZIE PER TUTTO PIPPO! :proud: Forever a legend. Forever in my heart. Forever my favorite football player of all time and my idol. :proud:

Dottore Joey 11-05-2012 04:27

Great post.

jammin 11-05-2012 04:50


Originally Posted by President Joey (Post 1344723)
Great post.

this is an excellent post as well. deserves to be here as well. :star:

Dottore Joey 11-05-2012 04:58


Originally Posted by jammin (Post 1344733)
this is an excellent post as well. deserves to be here as well. :star:

Great post is a great post.

Fiero 11-05-2012 13:18

Wow thanks jammin and President Joey. :)

jammin 11-05-2012 13:20

i would sig it, but it's kinda long. :tongue:

Fiero 11-05-2012 14:43


Jivara 24-06-2012 23:24


Originally Posted by KujaIX (Post 1396432)
I'm pretty sure that the main argument for the 'Anti-Pirlo Brigade' was just that he wouldn't have worked that well for us because he was evidently not trying.

And that has not been disproven even by his incredible performances here and last season.

I think I'm going back to Pirlo...

It's like a relationship.

I loved Pirlo. He.. we, had everything: Grace, elegance, style, panache, hair.... but then.. he left. He left for a serious rival and proclaimed that he was never coming back... I didn't care. yet, I continued to see him around still possessing all the qualities that made him so god-awfully enamouring to begin with... a true case of "Everything looks better when it's gone" and now.. His captivating.... style and being is so wonderfully alluring that I just had to go back.. back to longing.. back to wanting him back... back to wanting Pirlo here.. again.

Poetic stuff :proud::star::thumbsup:

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