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AC_Wesley 31-05-2017 11:53

The Rumour Commode XIX: A LI-gue of Our Own
Please, continue here fellows.

The Rumour Commode XVIII

Qaas 31-05-2017 11:54

The Rumour Commode XIX
Firrrrrst :c:


Spis lort jammin, u underaged hentai lover kkkkkkkk

jammin 31-05-2017 11:54

Fudge off you fricking pirate eff

Sognatore 31-05-2017 11:54

Massaro94 31-05-2017 11:54

Folza Miran

General 31-05-2017 11:55


Originally Posted by Massaro94 (Post 2650632)
Folza Miran


Neruda 31-05-2017 11:55

i hate you qaas :*

always first in every possible commode

Massaro94 31-05-2017 11:56


Originally Posted by permabanme (Post 2650629)
Fuck off you fucking pirate fuck

Jambo have some sabr during this blessed month :o

Khurrisu 31-05-2017 11:57

Forza :)

Congo Powers 31-05-2017 11:58


Neruda 31-05-2017 11:58

hopefully this is the commode where we sign

General 31-05-2017 11:58

MR, where is the azzuro milan gif you created where he's yelling at his Mom?

It's just the shot of him shouting "Ma!"

marioacm93 31-05-2017 11:58

New era has officially begun

Qaas 31-05-2017 12:01


Originally Posted by Neruda1899 (Post 2650634)
i hate you qaas :*

always first in every possible commode

Kar00n 31-05-2017 12:01

first page:star:

Raz 31-05-2017 12:03

Let's get past the 5th page asap cause I want the option of clicking 'Last page' instead of the tiny numbers when I open the commode. It pisses me off

MarioReality 31-05-2017 12:03

Someone asked "where is MR" in the other Commode.

Answer: I sleep at night.

ibelongtomilan 31-05-2017 12:03

Hope the best thing for us :star:

hakim 31-05-2017 12:04

Kessie official yet?

AC_Wesley 31-05-2017 12:04

Commode title is yet to be decided. MR can make the call if its a reasonable name.

Poll suggestion please. Take into consideration it will be the same poll on page 1500 in the future.

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