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Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:33

Official: Ristorante Giannino Thread

Sticky Please :o

crazy4milan 30-01-2013 23:36

I wonder if him and Galliani go for the business lunch when they're negotiating, going a little lighter, of if they go and eat all 5 courses

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:37


milan1st 30-01-2013 23:37

Sage 30-01-2013 23:39

I'm not going to check this thread in class, that's for sure.

milan1st 30-01-2013 23:39

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:40

lavezzi and belen at Ristorante Giannino-

milan1st 30-01-2013 23:41


Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 (Post 1640346)

lavezzi and belen at Ristorante Giannino-

PLATINI AND GALLIANI at Ristorante Giannino

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:42

Beckham and Victoria arriving at Ristorante Giannino to have dinner with Dottore Galliani

xaviesta 30-01-2013 23:42

Can he play midfield?

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:43

Zaccardo meeting Dottore Galliani in his office-

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:44

Moschino fashion show previewing autumn/winter 2013-14 menswear at Giannino. See if you can spot Dottore Galliani

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:45

Galliani summit with Kia Joorbachian and Tevez reps at Ristorante Giannino-

Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:46

Dottore Galliani and Flavio Briatore outside Giannino-

Congo Powers 30-01-2013 23:48

happy people at giannino's

crazy4milan 30-01-2013 23:49

After dealing.

Summer 2012.

Sage 30-01-2013 23:49

more food, less celebrities and clown clothes

Congo Powers 30-01-2013 23:49

maxi lopez,


Senatore_M84 30-01-2013 23:50

Flamini upon his first visit to Giannino-

Niang upon arriving at Giannino. his quote? "I feel I have made it (coming to dinner at Ristorante Giannino"

Bojan- "I never want to leave here"

Dottore Joey 30-01-2013 23:50

:star: Fancy :star:

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