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Sage 14-06-2011 12:02

Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala have completed the big-money signing of Balazs Dzsudzsak from PSV Eindhoven.

The Hungarian winger, who has previously been linked with the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Hamburg, Juventus and Lille, has put pen to paper on a four-year deal after a reported 14million euros (£12.34m) switch.

The 24-year-old is looking forward to the challenges ahead, including helping his new side reach the UEFA Champions League.
Dzsudzsak told a press conference in Budapest: "I have signed to a league which is - if not technically, but for sure physically - better from the Dutch.

Dzsudzsak is a fantastic signing for them.

Sonny.Bill.Williams 14-06-2011 13:49

Quality signing ...will take some beating as they most unexpected signing of the season

acmilan4ever 14-06-2011 16:07

CSKA Moscow ? - ? Anji Makhachkala

In 1 hour from now.

First vs Second, if anyone is interested, let me know and i will find streams.

acmilan4ever 14-06-2011 17:13

Great play by Doumbia and assists Vagner Love for the opening goal after just five minutes.

Edit: Honda scores the second :)

acmilan4ever 14-06-2011 18:52

Doumbia with his second assist of the match and Dzagoev with CSKA's third goal and soon to finish at 3:0

In other news, Gullit has been sacked at Terek Grozny.

Australiano1980 14-06-2011 20:46

Lokomotiv Moscou x Spartak Nalchik is on for the Russão Champ. :)

Dinar 18-06-2011 10:41

Ruud awakening
Gabriele Marcotti | June 18, 2011


BROADLY speaking, the more powerful and removed from reality you are, the more you're likely to be surrounded by sycophants who indulge your every whim. It's not a perfect equation, but there are enough owners of sports clubs to provide anecdotal evidence. And, in Ramzan Kadyrov, you have a shining example.

Last week, Kadyrov - whose day job is President of the Russian Republic of Chechnya and whose passion is the local side Terek Grozny - sacked his manager, Dutch legend Ruud Gullit, in one fell swoop achieving something many thought was impossible: making the world feel sorry for a multimillionaire ex-pro who has dated a string of beautiful women.

On Monday, Kadyrov posted a message on Terek's website in which he verbally crucified Gullit for the club's poor results this season. He concluded by saying that, if the club lost to Amkar Perm the following day, he would sack Gullit - who joined only in January - on the spot.

Shame that Franco & Billy were part of his planned friendly a month or so back.

Australiano1980 21-06-2011 23:37

Tomorrow 2 games live on ESPN from Russao.

Dinar 22-06-2011 22:14

KujaIX 22-06-2011 23:24

Fucking disgusting people; absolutely abhorrent behaviour.

Dinar 26-06-2011 18:00

River Plate vs Belgrano in about an hour. River need to win 2-0 or better to avoid getting relegated for the first time in club's history(?).

Dinar 26-06-2011 18:37

River Plate: Carrizo; Maidana, Ferrero, JM D*az; Affranchino, Acevedo, Arano, Pereyra; Lamela; Pavone e Caruso

Belgrano: Olave; Turus, Lollo, Pérez, Tavio; Mansanelli, Farré, Rodr*guez y Maldonado; Vázquez, Pereyra

Dinar 26-06-2011 19:01

Dinar 26-06-2011 19:51

River leading by a goal at HT. Dominated entire half, should have been leading more though.. with sporadic possession for Belgrano.

Sven 26-06-2011 19:58

Lamela playing again lol

Edit: best game from River I've seem in a long time. Surprised with their coolness in a extreme preassure situation.

Dinar 26-06-2011 20:09

Screw that guy (Picante), WHAT A MISS :mad:

Sven 26-06-2011 20:10

Incredible miss from Belgrano now...

Sven 26-06-2011 20:20

Lamela is on his 7th yellow card without suspension :lol:

Dinar 26-06-2011 20:21

Goooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!! :D

Sven 26-06-2011 20:22

Omg omg

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