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Mr. Milanista 30-12-2011 17:43


Originally Posted by David (Post 1186731)

Nice save, I hope we'll get him back soon.

SpartanMilan 19-02-2012 23:47

seems to have started all of Gubbio's games this season. Would strongly consider him for the #3 keeper spot either this coming season or the one after

Sod-Lod 08-04-2012 12:11

Donnarumma: "Milan, renew the contract. Rossoneri youth 08.04.2012
Donnarumma: "Milan, renew the contract. Rossoneri youth, the future is De Sciglio: Green eye and Cristante. Errors arbitration, but the championship is possible"


oung Rossoneri grow. Among De Sciglio Cristante and making their debut in the Champions League with Milan's shirt, stands in Gubbio Antonio Donnarumma.

Despite the ranking does not smile to the Umbrians, the Rossoneri goalkeeper school education is a pillar of Gubbio. A recount on its growth path, with little mention of the unfortunate events of Gubbio home, we think the person directly involved, speaking on Tuttomercatoweb .

Donnarumma, how are Apolloni?
"It's a good person, the impact was positive. missing eight days, we must face them as final. The coach is focusing on the mental factor, in our opinion is the first thing that counts."

Ok, but is the fourth coach in a season.
"We have conformed to all the coaches always listening. We had great mister, can not say that someone is more skilled or less skilled. Unfortunately the results did not help us and when there are the results the company is led to give a shock. "

He is doing well in Gubbio. Next target, the First Division?
"For now the salvation of Gubbio. In addition to good or bad depends a lot from the team. If we get what we want, at the end of the championship will be different. We will see in June. Last year I played little more this year. I'm doing my experiences, one must always be ready for anything. "

Also bind to AC Milan for another three years.
"be renewing. When depends on Milan. look for the end of the season, then I will call the Rossoneri and put everything in black and white. Of course I'm glad this".

Donnarumma vice Abbiati?
"Maybe! would be a dream. Sebastiano Rossi follows me in all games, I'm glad. Then I am bound to Abbiati, I like his style."

He saw Barça-Milan?
"Pity about the penalty given to Barça, but AC Milan came out head high because the season can deliver the championship to the team."

Before Ladri, then Catania and now Barcelona. With the referees Milan,ultimately, is not in agreement.
"So it seems. But you have to think ahead and leave behind everything. There is a shield to conquer."

The next talented in Milan destined to explode?
"De Sciglio. We've played together, is strong. And there is also Verdi. Then there Cristante that I heard, although I have not seen training. I happy that the youth of Milan is on everyone's lips. "

Meanwhile his former Piacenza failed.
"I'm sorry. Despite having not played much at Piacenza remained tied. I hope he can recover."

SpartanMilan 02-09-2012 18:46

sold to Genoa

jammin 07-07-2017 18:52

Welcome back :star:

jammin 07-07-2017 18:58


Originally Posted by enyce (Post 1183666)
Donnarumma: "My dream is to return to AC Milan"

Dreams really do come true :proud: :star:

Ultra Swan 07-07-2017 19:29

Make him first choice keeper.

Massaro94 08-07-2017 00:29


Originally Posted by enyce (Post 1183666)
Donnarumma: "My dream is to return to AC Milan"


Congo Powers 08-07-2017 00:33


Originally Posted by permabanme (Post 2691325)

Neruda 08-07-2017 02:56


Jasper 10-07-2017 17:03


Originally Posted by Congo Powers (Post 2691577)

Neruda 10-07-2017 17:33

any one who thinks this isnt the best transfer we ve made this summer is kidding himself..

will be worldclass in less than 2 years here.. remember the name

AC_Wesley 10-07-2017 18:15

Taking "Milan is a family club" too far :thumbsdown:

Nirvana 10-07-2017 18:29

Moved before the official announcement ?

AndreiX 10-07-2017 18:45

i don't think it ever left the players section :lol:

Nirvana 10-07-2017 19:45


vidarth 12-07-2017 11:58


JohnnyWunderboy 12-07-2017 12:08

Fuck this clown

jammin 22-07-2017 12:41

Any highlight videos of his clean sheet vs Bayern Munich?

VooDooDoll 22-07-2017 12:46


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