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shevaman 30-11-2002 04:28

I think that Milan should sign
Ronaldinho he is great player :)
We need another defender Stamm will be great.
Buffon could be great .

kharrazian 01-12-2002 10:16

I have heard Milan is going to buy Hary kewel and Mohammad Camara(Modena) for next season.Is it true?

newyorker 03-12-2002 05:58

eyal berkovic

Jamie 03-12-2002 18:06


Originally Posted by newyorker
eyal berkovic

Berkovic? :D Is that a joke? :D

newyorker 03-12-2002 19:29

at least you now him :)

liberogrande 04-12-2002 13:08

dream signin's in my oppinion:(these are all quite young though)

FWs:Malcoln Christie(derby county);Mutu;Gilardino;Andrea Silvera(Racin'club,AGT)

MFs:Aimar;D'lessandro(he is said to be the target of barca but i hope he could come to milan);Angulo


Jamie 04-12-2002 18:32


Originally Posted by newyorker
at least you now him :)

lol :D I do indeed ;)

liberogrande 07-12-2002 14:00

well how 'bout Dimitar Berbatov and Daniel Bierofka in BayerLeverkusen?
And Victor Sikola in Ajax,i think this guy would hopfully be a world-class wing in the future.

juninho-paulista 10-12-2002 08:18

id like to see mateja kezman as a rossonero - hes the prolific yugoslav striker for eindhoven..
also juninho (of course) and both aimar and saviola (who have both received positive commentary from diego maradona - and anyone who diego thinks is a good player - is incredible) :cool:

Capitano 11-12-2002 08:20

Any suggestion for a good, solid right defender? i think milan need to strengthen that area, then the defence will be nearly impervous

mtfco 11-12-2002 09:18

have u guys seen ajax players??? they r young, energetic, and very skillful... if there is a future signing, i would recomend these players... they definitely have bright future to come...

AC Milan Fan 11-12-2002 17:28

Yes, Ajax has very good players....maybe something for us???

Van Der Vaart,Chivu,Van Der Meyde.....all good young players.
But Rafael Van Der Vaart is the best of that Ajax.
I want him in our Milan!!!!!

So, Galliani, you know what we want: VAN DER VAART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie 11-12-2002 21:54


Originally Posted by libreogrande
dream signin's in my oppinion:(these are all quite young though)
FWs:Malcoln Christie(derby county

Do you REALLY think Christie could play up front for AC Milan? :)

mikeusc 15-12-2002 15:24

What about Dimitry Sychov for the future, he will turn out to be a great player, despite his current problems at Spartak. His preformance at the world cup, while being only 18 says alot. It will be interesting to see him at Milan. Shevchenko has talked about him a few times to the media, and he feels the same way.


juninho-paulista 15-12-2002 16:38

sergei rebrov? ive heard good stuffs about him at kiev but he is always on the bench at the spurs because he doesnt fit in with their style of play... and with sheva they create a deadly ukrainian offence that nearly qualified them for japan/korea or so i heard? would this guy be good at milan?

mikeusc 17-12-2002 07:47

Rebrov would be great, and Milan has tried to sign him, or so the rumors go, to reunite the combination of Sheva and Sergei. But unfortunatly these attempts were not sucessful and Rebrov continues to sit on the bech with the Spurs. It seems increadibly unlikely that they would sign him now, with an overflow of forwards on the team. :(


fbvanBasten 17-12-2002 09:26

I read somewhere that Milan want to buy Nocola L, the Chievo's central defender.

DonippoKakaShevdini 17-12-2002 20:20


Originally Posted by keith
Central Defender

The current Milan squad needs a centre defender, maybe a right back and a typical out-and-out striker. Chivu would be an excellent coup coz he can slot in at left back as well. But the dutch youngster Kevin Hofland or the french kid Phillipe Mexes are my choices.

Right Back

There are not many quality right backs not much in the world, the best few are Zanetti at Inter, Thuram at Juve and Sagnol at Munich, very difficult to prise them away. Guess Zauri is my choice.

Target Man

I feel the best target man in the world at the moment are Vieri, Crespo, Van Nistelrooy and Trezeguet, all not capturable at 20-30 million pound! I thought Inzaghi is too light weight to be there alongside Sheva. However if Hasselbaink is younger by a few years, he would be the perfect man. But... ALAS! For somebody young and cheap, well, perhaps Ancelotti might want to take a gamble on Paraguay's Rogue Santa Cruz!

Ok, where to start.......I have to fully agree with you about Phillippe Mexes.....this kid is the next Desailly for the french, unfortunately, I think you will see him playing for Roma next season, but a good player on all facets. Hofland......when is this guy finally going to Man U? It will happen, I just do not know when. Chivu I think is a dream for Milan.....I just see us losing out to Real Madrid for him.

Right back.....yes, you labeled some good ones, but the one you emntioned is the most likely, that being Luciano Zauri ;)

Target man......well......yes, everyone you have up there is indeed class, but when you have the likes of Sheva, Pippo, and would think your attack is fine. Also, when Cesare Maldini coached Paraguay in the world cup, he tried to convince Santa Cruz to come to Milan (keep in mind that when Maldini was coach of Paraguay, he was also a non-paid AC Milan scout :D )......and he just signed a new deal with Munich, because Munich are ready to part ways with Elber.

Another interesting player you emntion is Hasselbaink. He is indeed too old now, but I have wondered for years now, if Hasselbaink truly would do good in Italy. I know he lead La Liga in scoring with Atletico Madrid, and has scored tons of goals in Portugal, and for Leeds and Chelsea, but I just see him not being able to do the same in Italy. Trust me, its easier to score 25 goals a season when you have players like Gary Neville and Alan Stubbs defending you, as opposed to Nesta or Cannavaro. Plus, Hasselbaink is a mercenary. One of those players who I think believes in the philosophy:
"I would rather score and lose, than not score and win."

Well, maybe not, but he certainly acts like it.

Seamus 19-12-2002 05:38

RivippoRuiNestaShevdini posted


Another interesting player you emntion is Hasselbaink. He is indeed too old now, but I have wondered for years now, if Hasselbaink truly would do good in Italy.
I keep wondering the same thing about Emily Heskey, he is big so he can rumble in the box with the best of them. That why I think he does well w/ Owen you get the quick nimble player in Owen and and Big and overpowering Heskey. I think w/ as pyhysical as Seria A can be he would make a good forward if he paired with someone like Sheva. Problem is I don't want Milan to be the one to experiment with him. Think they can talk Perugia into signing him to play alongside Amoruso, w/ a clause that he can't play against Milan, to test it out. How do you think he would do?

mellanie 19-12-2002 12:47


Silly name, but nice and very very good Brasilian Young talented GUY!!!

During Real-Rest of the world he seemed excelent!!!

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