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Riccardo V 29-04-2010 02:27


Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 (Post 713241)
don't worry about it. Emirates cup is tamer than going to an aquarium

Yeah, but there will be Celtic fans there this time. :D

forzamilansafc 30-04-2010 11:54

yeah but just wondering will Milan fans be in a certain block because if so i would like to try and get tickets with them

lexx 30-04-2010 12:05

Celtic fans are harmless for the time being just don't mention the dida incident they still are annoyed over that hilarity, as for milan fans being in a separate section i doubt it all tickets go on general sale besides it more fun to intermix with the fans i myself plan to see the cup with a man u leeds juve and arsenal supporter.

Riccardo V 30-04-2010 12:22


Originally Posted by forzamilansafc (Post 713846)
yeah but just wondering will Milan fans be in a certain block because if so i would like to try and get tickets with them

I'm sure I read the Celtic fans will be grouped together, so everyone else will probably be mixed.

KujaIX 30-04-2010 12:37


Originally Posted by Riccardo V (Post 713856)
I'm sure I read the Celtic fans will be grouped together, so everyone else will probably be mixed.

Quarantined. :D

Ratzaroony 01-05-2010 02:42

Looks like Leo won't be there for the US friendlies :cry:


Gandini, Seedorf talk about AC Milan coming to DC, and much more
By: Craig Stouffer
Examiner Staff Writer
04/30/10 10:20 AM EDT

Highlights from a conference call this morning with D.C. United and AC Milan, including Milan organizing director Umberto Gandini and midfielder Clarence Seedorf.

More pressing, of course, is the status of AC Milan coach Leonardo. Is he on his way out? Who will coach AC Milan when they come to North America?

Gandini: Our season finishes on the 16th of May, but it regularly finishes on June 30, and there will be no decision taken in any case before that date. As far as the tour in the U.S., regardless of the situation of the coaching staff, our coach, Leonardo, has to go and finish off his coaching course with the Italian federation. That is the day after the end of the season in Italy so the 17th of May, Leonardo will have to go into our technical center to do the final examinations in part for his certificate, therefore Mauro Tossatti will be our coach during the course of the tour."

Gandini, on the players that Milan will bring: "As far as we are concerned, the number of players that we are going to be missing is not going to be that big to depreciate team our team of our stars. Clarence is one example. Filippo Inzaghi is another. Ronaldinho, [Alexandre] Pato. There are so many players who are at present not involved in the World Cup selection, so even if the final selection will be done at the beginning of May, but we count on a team of stars that can definitely bring a good show together, and I think when [D.C. United president] Kevin [Payne] and I talked about that, we knew exactly that we were going to put an entertaining pool together more than just a football game."

On the potential for fatigue given the end of the Serie A season: "We will finish off our season on the 16th of May. The game in Washington will be ten days later. We will probably be traveling out from Europe around the 23rd so I think we will have time to recover and to be fresh enough to play at a very good level."

Seedorf on Oguchi Onyewu: "He’s been unlucky, but we have become good friends. I think he potential is a great defender for AC Milan in the long term, and I really wish for him to have a great world Cup where he can the tone for his next season with us. He is on a mission. I told him he is on a mission. He can be one of the first American player to really make it at the highest level with a big team, a big club like AC Milan. I know he’s very much concentrating his focus on getting in great shape. He’s doing well so let’s hope he can help his team, the U.S. team, during the World Cup, to play a good World Cup."

On the Dutch team's chances at the World Cup: "The Dutch team is always a good team and always have performed well, not winning, so that’s always the question mark. But there a lot of great players there. We have three of them playing in the final of the Champions League this year so they’ll have that value for their team, and I think the Dutch is a team to watch, always. They are not my favorites. I don’t think a Dutch team can be favorites. We have never really won anything, but because of the talent the Dutch team has, it’s a team that needs to be respected, and we’ll see how they will perform."

SixOneFive 01-05-2010 04:42

Seedorf simply personifies class.^

Lisa 01-05-2010 04:56

Awww, Onyewu has a buddy. :D

Hmm, sounds like he's going to be at Milan next season, according to Clarence anyway.

WILL2K 01-05-2010 08:52

I am going to Chicago game, anybody know which section of the stadium will be occupied by the Milan fans ? I don't wanna be alone among the other team's fans.

Riccardo V 01-05-2010 11:21


Originally Posted by KujaIX (Post 713865)
Quarantined. :D

Haha. I didn't want to say it. :D

Az. 01-05-2010 13:36

Great job management,make the same mistakes like last summer :rolleyes:

Pack the preseason with to much friendlies so that players will be not be match fit/injured ,cause that worked out well last time .Fucking idiots :mad:

Sophie 05-05-2010 13:01

I really want to go to the Emirates Cup this year, preferably for Milan-Lyon, but I'm worried that the best players might play against Arsenal the day before and then it will just be Primavera or reserves against Lyon. Does that happen? I could go to the Arsenal game if that gives me a better chance of seeing the best guys.

ladro 05-05-2010 14:49

Last years circus tours were brutal. Still have nightmares even though they were totally meaningless.

This year i dont want to see nesta or even pato anywhere near this shit. Nesta rejected the WC cuz he might get injured. If he gets injured in this then.......

BTW does anyone know how much the club made overall from all the last year friendlies? Hope it was worth it while milan fans had soul meltdowns:head:

Ghisolfa 08-05-2010 05:19


Originally Posted by Ratzaroony (Post 712683)
Just got my ticket for the DC United friendly :D

I just did as well! :cool:

Lisa 10-05-2010 02:46

For those us in the US, FSC is broadcasting the Chicago friendly May 30th 8pm EST pregame, 8pm EST game.

Don't know about the other two friendlies; I will post as soon as I find out.

Dzidzius 10-05-2010 03:04

I am sure fans want to see Ronnie, Nesta and Co in action but due to many games we will have after and pre-season + WC we shoud play youngstars and players joining and veterans and spare Nesta, Pato, Ronnie and players going to WC.

Zigoni, Albertazzi, even Oddo and Seedorf, Mancini if stays should be the starters.

Ghisolfa 10-05-2010 03:50


Originally Posted by Lisa (Post 719377)
For those us in the US, FSC is broadcasting the DC United friendly May 30th 8pm EST pregame, 8pm EST game.

Don't know about the other two friendlies; I will post as soon as I find out.

Milan/ DC United is May 26 ;)

Lisa 10-05-2010 04:22


Originally Posted by Ghisolfa (Post 719385)
Milan/ DC United is May 26 ;)

Oops!! I meant Chicago. :D

SixOneFive 16-05-2010 23:41

Wonder if we'll have a new coach by the first friendly. If it's Tassotti/Galli/Stroppa, I guess that wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

We will have :star:YEPES:star: though. :D

Sage 17-05-2010 01:56


Originally Posted by SixOneFive (Post 723435)

We will have :star:YEPES:star: though. :D

for those 3 coming friendlies we wont have yepes, he'll join Milan after the transfer window opens (july 1)

We will probably still see Dida and Favalli.

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