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VPayne 18-07-2015 20:12


Originally Posted by dman32 (Post 2341716)
the ref is fucking shit

yep.. WTF was that?

joyrider 18-07-2015 20:12

shit ref

tschief 18-07-2015 20:13

even in friendlies we get all the calls against us :fp:

SexyStephan 18-07-2015 20:13

Fekir :proud:

Milanista_7 18-07-2015 20:13

No way its a faul :lol:

CapitanoMaldini 18-07-2015 20:13

Goal off an undeserved FK

Wake the Dead 18-07-2015 20:13

Not gonna count that goal
Thats a clean tackle lol
This reff so fuckin blind

Cokata 18-07-2015 20:13

some things never change

Panache 18-07-2015 20:13

Niang forgot he had to jump :fp:

ForzaACM 18-07-2015 20:14

1-0 Lyon... Fekir FK. :(

AndreiX 18-07-2015 20:14


I said to the people I'm watching the game with: this was not a foul, but it's 100% going in

Neo'82 18-07-2015 20:14

Non existent midfield as usual. May as well play it long and in behind for Niang.

tschief 18-07-2015 20:14


Originally Posted by Cokata (Post 2341731)
some things never change

my thoughts exaxtly :lol:

Ragamuffin 18-07-2015 20:14

Goal from a non existent free kick :fp:

Still 0-0

Wake the Dead 18-07-2015 20:14

Seriously not even mad
No wonder ibra hate french reff so much :lol:

Mario 18-07-2015 20:15

fucking nocerino is so useless man

tschief 18-07-2015 20:15

yeah but that changed the whole course of the game :(

Mr Delicious 18-07-2015 20:15

Yeah I would sub out bona if he continues playing like this, it's ridiculous

Neo'82 18-07-2015 20:16

Bertolacci for 20m ha

Mr Delicious 18-07-2015 20:17

Let's see how long sinister keeps this formation. I give it two weeks

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