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Az. 14-06-2011 19:19

So what do people predict for Shinji next season?

acmilan4ever 14-06-2011 19:29


Originally Posted by Az. (Post 1025745)
So what do people predict for Shinji next season?

Statistically speaking, he would have been Bundesliga's best player this season if he didnt get that injury.

Next season will be more of a challenge i think though i fancy him to become one of the main players at the club alongside Gotze.

Watch out for him in the CL, though they will be in Pot 4 and probably in the group of death :D

Sonny.Bill.Williams 14-06-2011 20:42

Flop :o

acmilan4ever 15-06-2011 07:07

According to the Bild: Bayern to go for Chelsea's Alex if they cant find an agreement with Man City for Jerome Boateng

Imo, they should go for both, would be one hell of a defense then.


Es ist die Woche der Liebesbekenntnisse zum FC Bayern: Erst Boateng, dann Usami, jetzt Vidal!

It is the week of love commitment to FC Bayern: First Boateng, then Usami, Vidal now!

Bayern have tabled a bid for Vidal but Leverkusen are stalling and seem reluctant to let go of their star.

acmilan4ever 15-06-2011 12:24

I want to move to Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen's Arturo Vidal
Chilean midfielder has revealed his intent to move to Bavaria, but B04 insist current offer from Bayern is insufficient to complete a deal


It is no secret that Arturo Vidal is seeking a move away from Bayer Leverkusen, but for the first time, the Chilean midfielder has expressed his desire to move to Bayern Munich.

Vidal enjoyed a successful season with Leverkusen, prompting the Bavarian giants to indicate an interest in bringing him to the Allianz Arena in 2011-12.

"I want to go to Munich. Now," he told Bild. "I absolutely want the clubs to reach an agreement."

The 24-year old confirmed that Bayern's intent to sign him is serious, and that Leverkusen missed their opportunity to have him sign a contract extension.

"There is now an official offer from Munich. Before, there were only talks about it, now it is concrete. I wanted to extend last year and [Leverkusen] were not interested," he explained.

According to Vidal, a move to Bayern offers a rare chance, one that he could not turn down, adding: "One must forgive me, I would like to take this unique opportunity.

"One of the best clubs in the world wants to sign me. In addition, my old coach Jupp Heynckes is there. That I have given everything for Leverkusen could not be disputed."

Bayern, as well as Napoli, were recently reported to have offered €10 million for Vidal, which Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voller promptly rejected.

"Our reasoning is: Arturo is so important to us that we want to keep him no matter what. Especially since, whether from [Bayern] Munich or Napoli, the offers are not high enough for us to reconsider," Voller told Kicker last week.

It is speculated that Leverkusen are holding out for an offer of €15m. However, with Vidal adamant that he wants to move and is able to leave on a free transfer in less than 12 months, the Bavarians are in a favourable negotiating position.

acmilan4ever 16-06-2011 07:12

Bayern Munich hit complications in their negoatiations with Bayer and Man City for Vidal and Boateng.

BM have made a 12.5m bid for Boateng but Man City are holding out on 20m for the German, who isnt even a regular. The player has already agreed a 4 year deal with the German giants.

Vidal wants to move to BM and is in his last year of contract and the club has received a 10m bid but the club is playing hardball as they want to get the maximum possible for the Chilean who is in his last year of contract...

acmilan4ever 18-06-2011 07:42

Farewell Joris, but who will play central defense???
By: Mark | June 17th, 2011

Another Hamburg SV veteran, Joris Mathijsen has officially left the team to join his fellow Dutchman Ruud van Nistelrooy. They’ll be playing together at Malaga in Spain. The rumour is that the transfer fee was around 2.5 million Euros, which to me seems like a steal for Malaga. Mathijsen is getting older at 31 sure, but he is a solid, take-charge defender with a lot of international experience – including being a big part of the Dutch team that went all the way to the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa. I think Hamburg are losing an important player here and they will struggle to find a good replacement for him.

It’s obvious that Hamburg had a poor defensive season this year, and one could argue that Mathijsen was a part of that and should go during the squad overhaul that is happening now. However, Mathijsen was injured for a lot of the season, only getting into 19 games of 34, leaving the team without a proper center back to replace him. You might even suggest that Hamburg’s defensive problems could be attributed to the other CB and captain, Heiko Westermann, and his midfielder-turned-backup CB, Gojko Kacar. I don’t think Heiko and Gojko (can we combine that to HeiGo?) are bad players though – there were other injuries throughout the season that left us without proper left or right defenders at times, so it really was an unfortunate year for the HSV defense.

So now that Mathijsen is gone, I think it’s worth questioning – who are we left with that can fill his role, and how might the HSV defense look next season?
Let’s start with the sure thing – Dennis Aogo will be Hamburg’s left back, and there is no problem there. Aogo is fighting to become Germany’s starting left back, with only Dortmund’s Marcel Schmelzer standing in his way. They both seem to be getting a chance to play for Germany, and unless Jogi Loew decides to put Philip Lahm at left back again, then Aogo has a legitimate chance of being Germany’s No. 1 LB. At right back we have Dennis Diekmeyer (two Dennis’s – the Double D connection? I don’t know), and we also have Guy Demel for the time being. It’s possible that Demel will be sold, but for now I think the team is well covered at both fullback positions.

This of course brings us back to the central question: central defense! Right now it looks like we have a bunch of players that are defensive midfielders, who are also comfortable at CB but it isn’t their primary role. Heiko Westermann is arguably a CB, and that seems to be his preferred position, but we’ve seen him play DM several times this year and he does have a nice creative vision when he plays that position. Playing at DM also gives him the chance to make fewer blunders that directly lead to goals. Gojko Kacar on the other hand is a natural DM who became a CB for the second half of last season due to Mathijsen’s injury. Kacar struggled there quite a bit at the beginning, but started to settle down in that position and was ok, but not great. I really don’t think Kacar should continue at CB next season, and he would be better used in a DM position.

The other option Hamburg now have is newbie Michael Mancienne, the Englishman from Chelsea. He’s billed as a CB that can also play DM, and is currently playing midfield and captaining his country at the UEFA Under-21 European Championship in Denmark. The team has had 2 draws so far, but have only allowed 1 goal – so I would say he is having a decent tournament in that position, which suggests that playing as a DM may be a good position for him.

Notice a trend here? 3 players that are probably better suited for defensive midfield, and nobody best suited for central defense. Yikes. Hamburg also have young Muhamed Besic who plays CB, but he struggled in the couple times he played there and could probably use another year with HSV II instead of the senior squad. The only other factor in the equation could be another Chelsea player, Jeffrey Bruma, who is rumoured to be joining HSV on a 2-year loan. He seems to be a proper CB, but as Ryan pointed out in his last post, he might have an offensive touch as well – Ryan likes him at DM too!

So that’s the situation. Who would you like to see playing at CB this year? How about DM? Keep in mind we have other midfielders like Jarolim, Rincon and Tesche (I guess) that will also compete for starting positions. My brain tells me that the defensive pairing will be a combination of Westermann and Mancienne / Bruma (if the loan deal pans out), but my heart isn’t so sure that this will be a solid enough pairing for Hamburg. Frank Rost is no longer there to back them up, and we have yet to see how well Drobny will perform in goal. At DM I’d like to see Jarolim and Kacar get a good chance to play before Oenning tries out any younger players in that position. Some solid experience in the middle of the field could help out a lot, while the coach can let the youngsters run around on the wings with all their youthful energy.

acmilan4ever 18-06-2011 07:50

Germany Tells Michael Ballack He’s Surplus To Requirements
June 16th, 2011 | by: chris

There are things which are done and things which are not done.
Informing Michael Ballack that he is retired not of his own choosing seems like it’d fall into the latter category. But oh, they did it.

Jogi Loew & Co. announced that Mr. Ballack was no longer in consideration for a spot in the national team. Presumably without asking for or receiving his thumbs up beforehand.

Now, Ballack doesn’t seem like a homicidal maniac, but he is certainly a strong character and though he hasn’t played for quite some time, and was removed as captain by this move effectively – and done so while sitting on 98 caps.
How ruthless. There is every chance this does not go well.


“The past months have shown that many young players are brought into focus and have good prospects. With them developing the national team since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the run [has been] completely positive,” the 51-year-old is quoted as saying on Bayer Leverkusen’s website.

“After I had discussed this issue with Michael Ballack at our last meeting in late March 2011, together in the open and then we talked on the phone several times, [we] have now taken a clear position before the start of the season.

“In our conversations, I had the impression that Michael definitely understands our vision. Therefore in everyone’s interest [there] is now an honest and clear decision attached,” he continued.
But did they let Philipp Lahm tell him the news first?

Pedro 18-06-2011 19:50

I'm happy Ballack won't play for Die Mannschaft anymore. Ballack is not the key player he used to be, and since he doesn't play anymore for the national team, Die Mannschaft has been usually awesome. Germany has got many good midfielders, lots of young ones. Of course not really subtle done by Löw though.

Rex 19-06-2011 08:50

Ballack is furious over his arguably an improper deal though.

acmilan4ever 21-06-2011 12:50

FourFourTwo: Dortmund host Hamburg and Bayern take on Mönchengladbach in Bundesliga openers #fb

Sonny.Bill.Williams 25-06-2011 12:00




As to not looking like a troll

I found this Niece piece of Vidal (CHILE CHILE CHILE )

The rise of Arturo Vidal – The Bundesliga’s most complete player


Few would argue against a Player of the Season nomination as Vidal stormed his way through the Bundesliga. Most impressive was the maturation process he underwent. Whereas Vidal led the league in yellow cards the season before (14) this past year he collected only 5 in the league. It was an important step as a player and on field leader. Along with his impressive goal and assist tally Vidal also had a staggering 2810 touches on the ball in the league, more than influential players like Bastian Schweinsteiger and Nuri Sahin. He also completed an impressive 82% of his 1891 passes. Defensively speaking, Vidal won 56% of all his tackles, outperforming Sven Bender, arguably the league’s best pure defensive midfielder.

acmilan4ever 27-06-2011 07:36

Gamba Osaka's Takashi Usami confirms he will join Bayern Munich on loan
The teenage attacking winger told the Japanese press on Monday morning that he will move to the German giants on loan, with an announcement from Gamba expected later in the day


Gamba Osaka's starlet Takashi Usami has announced this morning to the Japanese press that his move to Bayern Munich is official.

The two clubs have agreed on a loan, thus for the moment the 19-year-old Japan international will remain the property of the J-League club.

Usami's involvement in Sunday's 5-3 win over Sanfrecce Hiroshima may have been his last game for Gamba, although no official announcement was given nor the traditional "sayonara" ceremony after the match.

The player will talk about the details of the transfer at an official press conference on Monday evening.

Usami is a product of the Gamba Osaka youth system and has been playing with the top team since the age of 17.

During the 2011 J-League season, he has so far played in 11 games, scoring two goals.

In recent months he has been linked with several other big European clubs, including Inter and Manchester City.

acmilan4ever 27-06-2011 17:44

Meet Takashi Usami - Bayern Munich's new alternative to Arjen Robben & Franck Ribery
Following his announcement of a loan move to the German record champions, profiles the Japanese starlet and looks at the role he will play in Bavaria.

williamp 28-06-2011 14:19

Bayern truly have no excuses for this season lol.

Sonny.Bill.Williams 29-06-2011 09:22

Top 10 Managers of the Season #6: Jurgen Klopp

#6: Jurgen Klopp

If ever there was a “mad genius” (as Raphael Honigstein would call him ) , it had to be none other Jurgen Klopp. Youthful , Colorful, Multi-talented, humorous and yet a master tactician Klopp has every ingredients to be the next Footballing ‘off-pitch’ hero. Having completed a full journey from being a ‘versatile’ player to a football coach via a ‘Footy pundit’ and even going to the extent of owning his own Fashion collection , he has shown the world that he has it all that takes to be the real big deal. A breakaway icon last season with Borussia Dortmund, he is a coach who possesses the characteristics that some-what resembles a “Arsene Wenger meets Pep Guardiola” personality.

Just to give you a taste of this man’s unpredictability , Klopp started his playing career as a striker and by the time he completed it, he was a defender!! Drastic contrast eh?

The rise of the new star was however, not a sudden phenomenon as one would think. The signs were quite apparent when the ‘coach’ with the floppy hair-style took over the modest club of FSV Mainz 05 in 2000 and he eventually reaped better results once he got a comparatively better team to work with in form of Borussia Dortmund.

Behind the animated character at touchline whose actions would fluctuate with the varying rhythm of the play, Klopp possessed an ability of being a keen and shrewd reader of the game, even during his very early days. A quality that one would not always associate with a ‘loud’ character such as his. It is at-times rather fascinating to watch how Klopp manages to carry such contrasting characters hand in hand. Like a true humble man though, Klopp would never try to hide his so called ‘immature childish touchline acts’ by his superior qualities and is never shy of accepting this drawback-


“When I see footage of myself, it certainly doesn’t please me every time. But I’m not the guy for controlled behaviour on the touchline, I’m emotional and spontaneous.”

Early in his career he established Mainz in the top flight for the first time in the club’s history with his innovative concepts of thoroughly drilled, collective movement at high tempo football. And when in the summer of 2008 Borussia Dortmund came calling, Klopp faced a more stiff but a fresh challenge to look forward to. Borussia had finished a distant 13th the year before and it is needless to say things weren’t quite in the right place. However, Klopp had ideas of his own and soon managed to gain his first trophy – DFB Supercup (defeating champions Bayern Munich 2–1). In the very first season, Borussia finished 6th in the Bundesliga and the consistency was maintained as Klopp guided them to a 5th place finish the following year.

The biggest turning point though, came as recently as this season, as Klopp transformed a mid-table outfit into the Bundesliga champions, claiming the shield with few games to spare. A perfect testament for the man’s iron determination.

Klopp is an excellent motivator. A fact which is much more highlighted when you see how well he has brought about a magnificent response from his young group of players. And when it comes to identifying and nurturing the talents of his young prodigies, there could be no better than him.

Klopp motivated the young players around him to perform at the big stage!

While Dortmund owe him a lot for their success, Klopp was also ably helped by the club’s systematic and calculated progression over the past decade. Although not possessing an well-known youth system, Dortmund have been efficient in their scouting and recruitement of skilled young players. And like an able coach he identified their talents and strengths and groomed them to perform at the top-most level. Look at Shinji Kagawa for an example!!

Unlike many of the top coaches in Europe, Klopp is one rare species who would always be ready to tinker with his strategies and formations. Adapting to the need of the hour and not adamant on his own personal belief, flexibility is one of his big forte. For an instance if you look at the tactical analysis of a game against Mainz in the early part of November, you would realize his ability to resort to unusual formations that can often catch the opponent team a tad unready and confused.

Klopp employed an unusual 4-3-2-1 formation that he said the team had practiced for only 45 minutes. His players, though, were tactically sophisticated enough to deal with the change and, as he put it, “greedy” enough to fight Mainz’s pacey pressing game with even more pacey pressing. Dortmund won 2-0 to regain the top spot.

Klopp is like a breath of fresh air in German Football. Not only does he packs a punch with his footballing tactics, he doesn’t hesitate to chance his arms on the so called ‘unconventional methods’. To enhance player movements and skills, he effectively introduced “Life-Kinetik” on the exercises curriculum for the players. One that presumably had a positive affect on the team.

For the novices Life Kinetik is infact a successful exercise programme which helps to improve brain performance. Specific exercises increase blood circulation around the brain, form new connections between brain cells, which raises mental and physical performance.

One can only credit the man for his exceptional awareness of resorting to every possible methods to help his team’s cause.

BVB sent out sides with an average age of less than 25 in the Bundesliga this season , and a clutch of the young hopefuls made the breakthrough on the international stage. Left-back Marcel Schmelzer , inside forward Mario Gotze and ball-winning midfielder Sevn Bender earned first full caps for Germany, while centre-back Mats Hummels and wing man Kevin Grosskreutz (both 22) achieved the same just under a year ago. This is not only a massive thing to be proud of for Dortmund but also indicates how well the players were guided under Klopp at the club level. Certainly an added achievement in Klopp’s already glorious CV.

Klopp has the X-Factor in him. From claiming his club to be second only to Barcelona in playing an attractive brand of football to ensuring that none of his players except Nuri Sahin left the club in the transfer window, Klopp is a complete package of confidence and authority.

And as the famous Rig Veda quote goes “A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble” , Klopp very well stands true to the essence of the quote. When asked about his team’s success, Klopp like a humble man passed all the credit to the team saying-


“By reaching the Champions League and winning the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund has hit a target which we never honestly thought was realistic this season. I’m overjoyed for the club and obviously for my team, whose outstanding displays mean they’ve earned a place in Europe’s best competition”

At a young age of just 43, a golden age certainly beckons for him. With Bundesliga under his kitty now, Klopp has higher ambitions to look forward to. Anyone out there considering an Champions League triumph in the next 12 months or so, eh?

acmilan4ever 01-07-2011 15:41

Dortmund want Bendtner
Representative claims German champions want to sign his son


Nicklas Bendtner's father and agent claims that Borussia Dortmund want to sign the Arsenal striker.

The Denmark international seems certain to join the apparent exodus at Emirates Stadium this summer after voicing his frustration at a regular role as a substitute.

Bendtner would unlikely be considered as great a loss as Cesc Fabregas, who is wanted by Barcelona, or Manchester City and Manchester United target Samir Nasri.

But Bundesliga champions Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Sporting Lisbon have all been linked with the striker in the wake of claims he is attracting interest from 'all the big leagues'.

Thomas Bendtner, who is his son's agent, told "There is an interest from several German clubs. I can confirm that Borussia Dortmund wish to buy.

"Unfortunately, I can't comment if there has been any negotiations between Dortmund and Nicklas, or Dortmund and Arsenal.",195...013363,00.html

Borussia Dortmund sign talented youngster Oscar Gastecki
The German champions continue to strengthen for next season as yet another promising player arrives at the Signal Iduna Park.


Borussia Dortmund have secured the signature of Western Illinois University's Oscar Gastecki on a three-year contract after a successful trial with the club.

The 20-year-old versatile defender is likely to start for BVB's second team, but hopes to break into the first-team squad soon.

"I could not be happier. [It is] a dream come true," enthused the youngster in an interview with

"I am an aggressive player who also likes to [help start] the offensive play of his team."

Gastecki, who can also play as a midfielder, explained that he has started studying German so he can fully commit to his professional career in Germany.

Dortmund have been pretty busy in the transfer market, bringing in names like Ilkay Gundogan, Ivan Perisic and Moritz Leitner as they aim to defend the Bundesliga title next season.

Rex 02-07-2011 05:22

Wooww...acmilan4ever, many thanks for updated news thus far.. ;)

Zeusftw 02-07-2011 05:35

dortmund must be high off their balls to want bendtner

Rex 02-07-2011 07:56

I must say, it will be gambling signing for Borussen though.

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