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Nestafan 11-06-2015 17:41

Favourite movie scenes
I'll get the ball rolling

seveners 11-06-2015 17:48

Massaro94 11-06-2015 18:03

Close Thread

We have a winner

#2 step forward

Dottore Joey 11-06-2015 18:04

There are so many, goddammit

Massaro94 11-06-2015 18:13

What a performance from TC

seveners 11-06-2015 18:27

milanoldfarts 11-06-2015 18:39

Dottore Joey 11-06-2015 18:52

Unforgettable performance by Bulent Kayabas, cult classic.

Mexes5 11-06-2015 20:34

Sven 11-06-2015 20:39

I can't pick a scene from Sergio Leone's westerns... Would post it all :lol:

Jasper 11-06-2015 21:18

Massaro94 11-06-2015 23:19


Originally Posted by 9th Wonder (Post 2299655)


Batts got his revenge in Casino :o

seveners 12-06-2015 07:16

seveners 12-06-2015 07:21

Yes i love The Godfather movies so much

Tantalis 12-06-2015 07:40

from enter the void, a movie about the experience of death based off the tibetan book of the dead. its no spoiler telling you the main character dies. extremely intense movie.

joyrider 12-06-2015 08:40

Miami spice has a lot of good scenes. I bet none of you has the balls to watch it.

milanoldfarts 13-06-2015 04:22

Allan_Sombrero 13-06-2015 16:06

Joker :devilehh:

"You have nothing to threaten me with."

milanoldfarts 14-06-2015 11:47


Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere (Post 2302008)
Joker :devilehh:

"You have nothing to threaten me with."

That ain't Joker...that's just a generic imposter :thumbsdown:

ShevaDaniel 14-06-2015 20:54

the scene from "50 shades of grey" ,when the sick dude ties the babe and he moves the ice cube on the body of the hot babe :devilfir:

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