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sheva7 29-07-2002 04:02

The tournment will be on 31 of this month, free teams will play-Milan,Inter,juve.
let's talk about the matches. :devil3:

Jamie 29-07-2002 08:37

I think this topic has been posted already but the tourney should be good. Is it on TV?

sheva7 31-07-2002 07:10

On todays evening will be the first game: Juve-Inter on 9 pm, the lose team v Milan on 10 pm, and the win team v Milan on 11.
Let's beat them all!!!!!!!!!

Diablo 31-07-2002 13:32

So i guess this means we get to play against the LOOSERS...LOL. Hmmmm i wonder who they might be.......Inter maybe? who else, i don't know of any other teams that are more loosers than they are....LOL :rocketki:

[size=7]FORZA MILAN[/size]

Alex 31-07-2002 23:58

In the second match of the TIM Trophy in Trieste AC Milan was defeated 2-0 by city rivals Internazionale thanks to a brace from Christian Vieri.
The opening match of the three-team between the Nerazzurri and Juventus was decided by a penalty shoot-out which finished 4-2 in favour of of the Turin side.

:cry: :head:

Diablo 01-08-2002 00:11

Yeah, i think Vieri should join the Italian National Diving Team....anyway the important thing is to see the level of form the team is in, and they seem to be very well on schedule. They've had plenty of opportunities to score but the ball just didn't seem to want to go in, meanwhile the bastar......oh sorry, no swearing.......well them, they had three shots on goal and scored twice.... :mad:

I really liked the way the team pressed constantly, they dominated for most of the game, at one point i got the impression of watching Sacchi's Milan.....we're on the right track.....keep it up boys. ;) :)

Alex 01-08-2002 00:34

I heard that Rui played a great match, like when he played for Fiorentina.

AC Milan won 1-0 the third and last match of the TIM trophy against Juventus. Shevchenko netted the deciding goal in the 17th minute. With a score of 4 points Internazionale were the winner of the second edition of the three-team ending ahead of Milan (3 points) and Juventus (2 points).


Alex 01-08-2002 01:20

Here's some of pictures taken during the "small" derby:

Diablo 01-08-2002 01:29

Well we have to give them a chance to win against us once in a while or else they won't play with us anymore...... :rocketki:

Besides they have to a trophy on their trophy shelf sometimes........ :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ............... :D

Sweepleft 01-08-2002 01:49

What happened with Contra and Davids? And how did Rui Costa play?

sheva7 01-08-2002 03:02

Did Sheva played well?
Who was played v Inter?
Who was played v Juve?

sheva7 01-08-2002 03:40

As u see we need a stoper(canna)
And who saw the game, tell who played more good? :beer:
What were the lines up? :conf:
How was the goals scoring? :conf:
If i uderstood, there wasn't a penelty for Inter, but how the referee give them a penelty? :mad:
But in the league derby we will beat Inter :rocketwh: the loosers and the coach Hektor Cooper the bigest looser in the world. :devil2:

sheva7 01-08-2002 05:07

some first team players didn't play: Ambro, Rivaldo, pipo.

Alex 01-08-2002 10:22

I heard that Rui played a great game when he was playing in Fiorentina.

:cool: :devil3:

Jamie 01-08-2002 20:24

HAHA Contra beat up Davids :rocketki: ON YOU GO CONTRA!!! I hate davids!! Although saying that, DONT EVR DO IT IN A SERIE A GAME!!

Diablo 01-08-2002 20:49

I saw the games, and i myself was satisfied with how the boys played. Of course considering that it's pre-season you can't expect the 4-0 win against Barcellona but they were just jokin' guys.... :D

Seriuosly, the first match against Inter, we were all over them, we had like 5 or 6 chances to put the ball in but it just wasn't the right night......they played with a high defence that pressed like mad men, at one point i got the impression that i was watching Sacchi's Milan, but then Maldini made a short pass in the centerfield circle, Recoba got a hold of the ball with a wide open highway in front of him, (the defence was pressing high, so they were left behind :cry: ) passed the ball to Vieri who couldn't wait to come in contact with Abbiati and diiiive like a dolphin at sea. 1-0, Abbiati almost got it too....... :(
The rest of the game was pretty much like the beginning just a little slower 'cos of the condition, they scored the second goal from a cross from the left midfield, a header that was going out, Vieri as usual hits the ball near the post and put's it in. We had a couple of other chances to score but the shots were just too weak when they reached the goalkeeper.
Rui didn't play that bad, he's definately on his way to the good old days, he had the right ideas but the passes and crosses were too long or too short.
Sheva played well, but after what he's shown us in the past......well, he can do much better...... ;)
Ambro and Pippo didn't play 'cos they are doing some specific training in the gym, just a precautional stop for them......Milan Lab is showing the first positive results......
Rivaldo...well he's still on vacation....LOL....he should join the group this week.

shevagirl 02-08-2002 01:12

I didn't see the matches but as i have heard that when they lost from Inter 2-0,they were playing much better then them.

I'm just afraid only of one thing.

We all now that we have very very good players.But why do we need that players if we don't have luck just like in the match with Inter?
That would be very sad:((((
And i don't want something like that to happen but there is possibility for everything even for bad luck too.

sheva7 02-08-2002 08:54

Come on, it's just the start of the season, the players will do better when we will play in the league.
Vieri can go to the diving championship there wasn't a penelty.
We played much better than inter :rocketwh: and Conra-Davids, the glasses :jump: and two red cards.
I saw the game and my rating is:
Seedorf 8 very good game he did inter stupied
Rui Costa 9 was very strong and very good like in fiorentna.
Serghinio 8 pass to sheva for goal
Sheva 9 played very good on both games scored a goal.
Tommason 6 b coz he had 2 chances to score one on one.
borielo 7 played good game.
Maldini 8 still playing very good but need someone else like canna.
Gattuso 8 good defense, and taked balls in inter's side.
brocchi 6 wasn't good ambro or seedorf could play on his posision.
Abbiati 7 i can't believe that the referee gave to vieri a penelty,hewasgood
Dida 6 have a red card.
fiori 8 b coz the great stop on the free kick.

liberogrande 03-08-2002 05:54

Gosh,think milan hasn't beaten inter for almost one year.

efford 03-08-2002 09:56


Originally Posted by sheva7
Vieri can go to the diving championship there wasn't a penalty.

well... there is a Swimming championship including dives going on right now... ill keep my eyes open for Vieri.

Rex 03-08-2002 13:47

Easy guys...

It's just only pre-match before the season is started. We do hope Carletto re-manage our team and find the right formula face the tough Seria A. I just say once again, Inter isn't WEAK team as you imagine. They can be one of Scudetto race contenders.

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