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Sod-Lod 22-02-2015 10:11

Official: Gianluigi Donnarumma Thread

Date of birth: Feb 25, 1999 in Castellammare di Stabia - Italy
Age: 15
Nationality: Italian
Height: 1,96 m
Current Club: AC Milan Youth - Primavera
Position: Goalkeeper
Current National Player:Italy U17

Forza Italian Football: AC Milan have signed Gianluigi Donnarumma on a youth contract.

Gianluigi is the younger brother of Genoa goalkeeper Antonio Donnarumma who also played in Milan?s youth system.

The club had approached the youngster several months ago alongside other interested parties such as Juventus and Inter.

The 14 year-old, who stands at an impressive 193cm, will play with Milan?s Giovanissimi Nazionali team.

Credit: Milan Fans

Sod-Lod 22-02-2015 10:13

AC Milan News @Milanello

Milan's 15-year-old goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma will sign his first professional contract (to 2018) next week.


Sod-Lod 22-02-2015 10:17

Sod-Lod 22-02-2015 10:23

NOTE: Gianluigi Donnarumma is the brother of Antonio Donnarumma

And that is his page in UEFA website.

joyrider 31-03-2015 19:25

The kid signed a new contract untill 2018.

Congo Powers 31-03-2015 19:26

tall guy..196 cm..daym

Nasha 18-07-2015 21:58

this guy is 16... wow

solid performance... keep it up :thumbsup:

adit 30-07-2015 15:28

i heard he played well against Real Madrid, i think we need to loan him to Serie B club, so he can play regulary

SuperP 30-07-2015 15:31

He should go to Carpi, since the lost Gabriel. A year in Serie A would be great for him.

Lord Snow 30-07-2015 19:30

I think Serie C/D would be better than another Year in the Primavera.
B seems to be over doing it,he's 16 .Fucking 16.

khuyag 31-07-2015 06:29

loan him

milanoldfarts 12-08-2015 23:15

good job :thumbsup:

ROSSONERI7 13-08-2015 18:27

why isn't this a "sticky" like all the the other first team players' thread.
Mastour's thread is and he's not a first team player.

anyway, great job... how good he must have felt when all his teammates ran to him...staff members and all.

Tadej 13-08-2015 18:43


scarecrows 13-08-2015 20:08

hopefully doesnt grow up anymore

already taller than most of the best keepers

joyrider 13-08-2015 21:35

praise sod

VooDooDoll 13-08-2015 22:19


Originally Posted by scarecrows (Post 2359153)
hopefully doesnt grow up anymore

already taller than most of the best keepers

good point (all gk over 1.90)
he is already higher than nauer, de gea, buffon
close to van der sar, dida
but still Courtois is few centimeters higher.
(wonder how reliable players height are on random websites:))

Polotelli 13-08-2015 22:23

he's sixteen so he's probably gonna grow even more

Birsaforever 13-08-2015 22:27

End contract pls.

AndreiX 13-08-2015 22:30


Originally Posted by Polo (Post 2359274)
he's sixteen so he's probably gonna grow even more

A lot of the people who start growing earlier stop before 18, so there's a big chance he's staying at this height, maybe +1,2cms

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