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Sod-Lod 08-06-2010 13:13

Official: Antonio Donnarumma Thread

Name: Antonio Donnarumma
Position: Goalkeeper
Date of Birth (age): Castellammare di Stabia "Napoli"; 07/07/1990 (19)
Nationality: Italy
Squad number: 1
Club: AC Milan

Sod-Lod 08-06-2010 13:18

EXCLUSIVE MN - Aug. Donnarumma, "will leave a short interview with Milan. 08.06.2010
EXCLUSIVE MN - Aug. Donnarumma, "will leave a short interview with Milan. Many clubs on him "


08.06.2010 13:40 by Anthony Vitiello article read 106 times
Photos of Veronica June

After an impressive season ever at optimal levels, goalkeeper of Milan Primavera Antonio Donnarumma could leave the Rossoneri to complete its maturation process. For microphones intervention is his agent Enzo Buongiovanni, who announced the possibility of a transfer on loan. Many teams are in fact following the goalkeeper: "There are companies that are doing surveys, of course before accepting any offer I have always compared with Filippo Galli, with Ariedo Braida, to understand that even the thought of Milan. The only thing on which we agree is that the boy must go to get the bones out, because he needs to mature and work very seriously in a project suitable for him. "

So for the next season start?
"I have not spoken yet with Galli because this morning took a plane to go abroad, but I feel even more darts to see if this is the will of Milan. When we give him the green light to start. But polls have already been made in some companies. Also because he had a brilliant season. "

What are the teams involved?
"It 's too early to talk about it. For now prefer to keep confidential those things when you know it will be something official. Now it does not seem very fair to talk about. "

If the company wanted to keep it as a third goalie?
"Again, we'll talk with the company, in the end I resign to the will of Milan because Antonio has so much to society. Milan have invested five years on the boy and it is right that the club have to take the appropriate solution. "

Sod-Lod 08-06-2010 16:11

Zuliani, "Donnarumma has the right cards to play in Serie A" 06/08/2010
Zuliani, "Donnarumma has the right cards to play in Serie A"


06/08/2010 16:45 by Peter Mazzara

During "Rotogravure" broadcast on Radio MilanInter, the conductor Claudio Zuliani, speaking of Spring Milan goalkeeper Antonio Donnarumma said. "Donnarumma has technical features, whistles and behavioral ideals to play high level league and this season has highlighted the talents".

Sod-Lod 14-06-2010 12:10

EXCLUSIVE MN - Tomorrow will decide the future of Donnarumma 06/14/2010
EXCLUSIVE MN - Tomorrow will decide the future of Donnarumma


06/14/2010 11:30 Author MilanNews
Photos of Veronica June

Antonio Donnarumma, one of the happiest surprises of Premavera Giovanni Stroppa, to know about his future. According to rumors collected exclusively by in the entourage of the player, is scheduled for tomorrow morning a incotro between AC Milan and defender extreme representatives to determine what margins we are going to be able to experience, loan, outside the Rossoneri. As we anticipated, as sole keeper of Campania, born 1990, was monitored nell'utlima part of the season by some clubs to Serie B.

Arie_14 15-06-2010 10:07

just sell abbiati and make this kid the back up for Storari, only 2 goalkeeper is enough and more than that is not healthy

Sod-Lod 15-06-2010 12:51

Donnarumma on loan to Varese 06/15/2010
Donnarumma on loan to Varese


06/15/2010 13:30 by Marco Orlandi
Photos of Veronica June

Spring Rossoneri goalkeeper Antonio Donnarumma (20), as reported by Corriere dello Sport / Stadioshould be loaned out dry, without right of redemption, the Varese newly promoted to Serie B. Therefore continues the important partnership between AC Milan and Lombardy club: in the season just passed, in fact, the red and white have been borrowed from the Rossoneri three players: Wilfred Osuji, Kingsley Umunegbu and Giorgio Gianola. Osuji, in particular, stood out in a positive way between the rows of men Sannino, resulting in a series of actors to promote cadet. The goalkeeper Campania, author of an excellent season at the helm of John Stroppa, should therefore play his chances in a club friend like Varese, following a meeting with AC Milan management.

Pedro 17-06-2010 20:02

Can he still play for Primavera next season? What are the rules with age? I really don't know / wanna know... :conf:

Baresiuno 18-06-2010 17:23


Originally Posted by Pedro (Post 739662)
Can he still play for Primavera next season? What are the rules with age? I really don't know / wanna know... :conf:

He is beconing 20 y this summer. Think this was his last year in Primavera. 21 yo players cannot play in Primavera I think. Next season Primavera-players are born in 1991--

KujaIX 18-06-2010 17:28

Primavera can play 2 players over the age of 20. They can have as many over-age players in the squad as they like. But only 2 a game.

SpartanMilan 18-06-2010 17:40

I think it would be good for his development to go to a Serie B team where he could start

Sod-Lod 06-07-2010 13:38

EXCLUSIVE MN - Aug. Donnarumma: "I confirm survey of Bologna" 07/06/2010
EXCLUSIVE MN - Aug. Donnarumma: "I confirm survey of Bologna"


07/06/2010 13:00 Peter Mazzara article read 1068 times
Photos of Veronica June

Antonio Donnarumma is a valuable piece of the youth market of Milan is well known.

After the involvement of Varese and Portogruaro, the hometown of Castellammare di Stabia, there was also a survey by the Bologna.

To better understand the situation, contacted, exclusive, one of his agents, the lawyer Enzo Buongiovanni:

Mr. Buongiovanni, the name of Donnarumma has been compared to Bologna. What's true?

'It is true. To date there has been a pour parler with the leaders of Bologna. They might like the goalkeeper but this morning I read in the presence of withdrawal of goalkeeper Emiliano Ceko Blazek will support an internship with Bologna.

Negotiation is evolving and the future will be decided by Antonio calmly with those who hold the boy's sports rights, namely Milan.

Varese The option is still valid or has stalled everything?

'E' standing have an option but Milan Varese el'entourage Gamer are trying the best technical solution for the aging of the boy and it is obvious that if he were to get a formal request from Bologna, is taken into account by the Milan also because it would make the vice Viviano and ambitious would be a path. "
Good move if it is true as he is claimed.

Lord Snow 07-01-2011 09:45

In the end, however, Donnarumma was loaned out to Serie B club Piacenza for the 201011 season,in order to gain some first team experience.He made his official debut for the club on 14 August 2010, in the second preliminary round of the Coppa Italia against Virtus Lanciano; he played the whole 120 minutes, as Piacenza won 53 after extra time.However, the next week he was dropped in favour of Mario Cassano for the first league game of the season.His second appearance came on 27 October, in the third preliminary round of the Coppa Italia against Serie A club Cagliari despite his team suffering a 30 defeat, Donnarumma's performance was considered good

SpartanMilan 06-06-2011 21:16

how did his loan go? I have hopes he could maybe become our 3rd keeper after Roma leaves

Sven 06-06-2011 21:30


Originally Posted by SpartanMilan (Post 1021287)
how did his loan go? I have hopes he could maybe become our 3rd keeper after Roma leaves

Benched all season, played only three games. Piacenza is currently on the relegation play-offs against AlbinoLeffe.

Kingmilan 08-06-2011 21:23

He actually played albi in the 0-0 1rst game and was pretty impressive . He kept his team in it .

Neoblazzer 19-08-2011 10:49


SpartanMilan 23-09-2011 23:08


Originally Posted by doctorik (Post 1076128)
This thread should be moved to "Ex-Milan Players" because Antonio was sold to Gubbio. He was registered at Lega on 6th of July 2011.

Hmm, I was always thinking that he went there on loan with option for purchase....

no, almost positive it is a loan, we still have his rights but he is one of their players due to the loan...

Neoblazzer 01-12-2011 18:57


enyce 25-12-2011 12:34

Donnarumma: "My dream is to return to AC Milan"


Antonio Donnarumma, interviewed by "Sky Sport 24" in a special dedicated to him, spoke of his dreams and the relationship with Sebastiano Rossi: "My dream has always been to return to AC Milan. Rossi? I know him since he was a youth goalkeeping coach at AC Milan, is not as bad as they say, but I always listen to his advice because he is taller and bigger than me.

David 30-12-2011 17:31

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