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Kyara 27-04-2007 11:11

Golden posts
Based on crazymilangirl's suggestion, feel free to quote your favourite/best posts in the forum in this thread :)

crazymilangirl 27-04-2007 11:12

thank you dear, thank you very much ;)

SouthClaw about the forum legend Lo_tsar :o


Originally Posted by SouthClaw
this is my interpretation(BSc Psych) of his psyche:

he is constantly looking for approval and friendship.
he doesn't believe that he has any traits to make himself attractive to potential friends, so he chooses to annoy people hoping to recruit fellow annoying people as his friends. but they problem with them is that you never know when they betray you by kicking you out of your own forum :D . and then you end up crying to yourself everynight. and then you convince yourself that who you are is not important. the only way to convince himself of that is to make himself believe that superficial things like degrees and money are valued most by society. an if he doesn't realise those superficial things are meaningless, then he will go through severe depression before he knows he has to reset his priorities. as he is a fellow human being, i wish him the best to figure all this stuff out before he completely loses confidence in himself as a person. Best of luck Tsar.

milanissimo 27-04-2007 12:43


Originally Posted by Wild
VanBasten ?
1 word -- > elegant.
VanBasten used 2 play like “he already watched the game”.

I don’t think I ever seen a more smarter striker/player like him.
He used 2 shoot with both feet + a good header.
He used 2 make goals look so easy.
Without dribbling or running – just perfect control + perfect finish & boom -- > goal.
He was also creative since he used 2 pick assists as much as packing goals.

I will tell u 1 story & I hope that my memory serve me well.
Milan were facing a Swedish team with a crazy GK that reached the game without conceding not even 1 goal.
They played & VanBasten scored 4 goals LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
1 volley + 1 penalty + 1 head 2 head & he got pass him + 1 shot in the upper corner when he was taking off balance but still manage 2 make the shot.

VanBasten was 1 of a kind.
He was perfect & Ronaldo isnt -- > weak header.
I think only Sheva is close 2 his simplicity , CLOSE.
In another word : he was a better version than Sheva. :D

:star: :star:

Tsar 27-04-2007 15:03

^ Indeed. One of my favourites:

On milanist:


Originally Posted by Lo Tsar
Bwahhahhhaa, Oh I see what you did there. You changed the last word of my nick from Tsar to Banned. Thats the funniest thing I ever heard!!!! And there was me thinking you would be too busy calculating the circumference of the ref's arsehole to spend time on plays of word like that.

Hey, professor, take not, thats real sarcasm.

MilanEqualsLove 27-04-2007 20:10

BMW Taylor about players and what might be their msn add.
" < Wayne Rooney"

Thats HILARIOUS & True :D

gaizka22 28-04-2007 08:55

I usually make longs posts, but there's 1 in the Red Star thread that I'm really proud of. I spent long hours watching some old videos, reading articles etc. And there are some in a discussion about Milan 92 season squad. Will try to locate them.

DonippoKakaShevdini 29-04-2007 07:59

I am sure he has outdone this, but nothing but respect is the criticism for this. He and I are about the same age, and always on the same wave-length....;)


Originally Posted by gaizka22
Milan came to the game without Baresi and Costacurta in central defense, that's like having Milan came to CL 03 final without Nesta and Maldini. So the notion was Barca's offense will easily shred the make-shift defense. See the line up in lemon's post and you could see how strong Barca side is. And acgaetano was right about the comment that Cruyff made about Milan side, how they culd easily beat us. If you see the goal celebration, you could see it was more than just happiness for scoring but there was the "eat this" and "who's your daddy now?" attitude :D

So it's the combination of winning, beating a very good strong team, the score line, the way Milan played and of course goals from Savicevic and Desailly.

Remember how people went crazy about Cambiasso's goal vs Serbia in the WC? How the ball was passed 20+ time before the goal? Milan's 2nd goal was something like that. Milan players casually trading passes, the ball slowly nearing Barca's defense before Donadoni suddenly zig-zagging through the whole Barca's defense before squaring a pass to Massaro. We had a team like Barca (CL 92 winner who won probably 4 La Liga tittle in a row under Cruyff) hopelessly watching our play! There was nothing they could do to stop us. The victory was considered sweeter than the 4-0 CL 89 win vs Steaua because the game was considered as a mere formality after the way Milan trashed Real Madrid in the semis.

Comment from the coach:
Capello : I considered it as nothing but a win. Milan is so used to winning matches (when he was asked why he was so calmed, hands still folded and not celebrating the goals)

Cruyff : if you want to got hit by a car, might as well got hit by a Ferrari.

Best off the pitch moment :
Baresi wearing a suit, smiling so wide and eyes beaming minutes before the game's over. MvBasten, wearing a lotto jacket, smiling and rubbing his hands in excitement, knowing Milan has beaten the club coached by his mentor.

I still feel emotional remembering the game :proud:

radioactivenerd 29-04-2007 08:07

^^^^lol i remember that!
I had asked someone to tell me why the 1994 CL 4-0 victory was supposed to be so special, and that was Gaizka's answer!

DonippoKakaShevdini 29-04-2007 09:23


Originally Posted by radioactivenerd
^^^^lol i remember that!
I had asked someone to tell me why the 1994 CL 4-0 victory was supposed to be so special, and that was Gaizka's answer!

Obviously Gaizka can tell you this. Let me summarize the the 1994 European cup final with a quote that occured a day before the final in Athens. The quote comes from the Barcelona coach at that time, the legendary Johan Cruijff.

May 17, 1994

Johan Cruijff:
"The difference between Milan and Barcelona is that Milan have bought Desailly and we have bought Romario. This will be on display for the world tomorrow night."

(A historical footer....Desailly not only shut out Romario, but scored one of Milan's 4 goals in the 4-0 thrashing of a side that won La Liga 4 years in a row and had Romario, Stoichkov, Laudrup, Koeman, Bakero and Gaurdiola in their starting XI. Hagi arrived the following season.)

GreatKalu 29-04-2007 09:39

Johan Cruijff:
"The difference between Milan and Barcelona is that Milan have bought Desailly and we have bought Romario. This will be on display for the world tomorrow night."

Yeah, Desailly was amazing in that game ... probably better than any game him played in WC '98.


Originally Posted by Faяouk
I want to be able to come here one day and see people quoting me.

Happy? :tongue:

DonippoKakaShevdini 29-04-2007 09:41


Originally Posted by madtherchot

Happy? :tongue:

Bravo! :D

Wild 29-04-2007 14:48

Do u guys remember Savicevic’ goal ?
That dude was crazy & only him could v managed 2 lob a giant 4 a GK that was standing on his own line. LOL

Kyara 29-04-2007 15:36

Gaizka, Donnie quoting you above reminded me of this post of yours :)

Originally Posted by gaizka22
Just want to share something that I believe many of us sometimes feel.

Just last nite I was showing something in my laptop to my cousin and she noticed that there are sooo many Milan-related files there. She just coulnd't understand how I could be so passionate and obsessive about something for the last 17 years (I'm nearly 30). I told her that my favorite music group (Genesis and Gn'R) either stopped recording or broke up and my favorite movie star (De Niro and Al Pacino) are getting old. And it got me seriously thinking.

How could you possibly tell someone that doesn't understand any of these things? How a winning game is enough to make you smile and beaming for 1 whole week? That a losing a game is a bigger concern than an unpaid electricity bills or unfinished project at work? That winning the scudetto could be the only positive thing in a 9 month-stretch of shitty life (that's what I felt for the 99 scudetto)? How you could fall in love with something for more than half your life while the object of desire doesn't even know it?

Is it unrecruited love? Is it unhealthy obsession? Is it passion? I mean, we sometimes could turn our back on our loved ones (I drove my GF early whenever Milan game is on TV every Sunday) out of anger or disappointment. But never this AC Milan team. It's gotta be more than that. What insanity that drove us to that point? What magic or spell?

In the book Fever Pitch (highly recommended for every soccer fan regardless of the team supported) by Nick Hornby (a rabid Arsenal fans), he dedicated the book to (tried to remember the exact words) :

"the fans who sometimes - during a normal conversation or at a serious meeting at work or at any important events in life - found themselves daydreaming and smiling about some right footed match winning goal that went to the top corner some 15 years ago". How true!

Please don't think this post as self-glorifying, like as if I'm trying to proclaim that I'm the biggest fans out there or like I know everything there is to know about the team or about being a fan. I just wrote this because I know you understand what I feel and more importantly because we all have the same love relationship with Milan.

Almost had tears in my eyes that day man :tongue:

So true, all what you said :)

Faяouk 29-04-2007 16:00


Originally Posted by madtherchot
Happy? :tongue:

Hell Yea! :tongue:

gaizka22 30-04-2007 03:43

Kyara and Donie, thanks for quoting my post. Glad to know that my post could add some knowledge to fellow Milan fans or struck a chord in our collective minds. :) Weeks ago I was actually trying to locate the post quoted by Kyara, thanks for finding it for me.

radioactivenerd 30-04-2007 18:15


Originally Posted by gaizka22
Kyara and Donie, thanks for quoting my post. Glad to know that my post could add some knowledge to fellow Milan fans or struck a chord in our collective minds. :) Weeks ago I was actually trying to locate the post quoted by Kyara, thanks for finding it for me.

wow just saw that post - thank you for the post gaizka.
I just emailed it off to a few friends of mine, including one glory seeker that switches teams every season ;). Hopefully this will convince him to pick one and stick with them!

DonippoKakaShevdini 03-05-2007 07:24


Originally Posted by Wild
Do u guys remember Savicevic’ goal ?
That dude was crazy & only him could v managed 2 lob a giant 4 a GK that was standing on his own line. LOL

His finest moment at Milan...

In the Multimedia section, Goooooooooooooals thread.....I have put the highlights of this match there. This goal Wild speaks of belongs to a world class chapter of big-time goals.

Kyara 03-05-2007 17:48

I hate to bring is up, but whatever I do, I'll never forget these posts in my life :)


Originally Posted by MilanLover1899
Well thanx for the effort, we all coult pitch in !

You got the newspaper with the petition :

Let's idd hopes it works !


Originally Posted by PinoRossonero
Hi Everybody,

I'll tell you this............i was looking at milan channel, when i heard about this petition on the net, so i quickly looked and i found it, and i found this forum as well....
I am italian and i am probably spoiled, living here i get all the MILAN i need and because of this, when i discovered this forum (this afternoon) reading trough the pages i got tears going down my eyes seeing how much You All love MILAN even if u live far away, even if u can't be close, you still still do more, much more than some fans here in italy do for our team. That is the special feature of our beloved team that gets fans everywhere no matter how far...You all represent how fans love MILAN and how MILAN loves YOU all for being this close to us anytime....
I signed the petition..i was the number 2705 and i spreaded this link to all milan fans i know in italy hoping that number will grow more and more...
I wanna say a special Thanx to Kyara and all of them who worked togheter for this petition and a Thanx to all the rest of you that keep supporting our team everyday everytime, it makes me feel PROUD of supporting such a great team like ours, with such great FANS LIKE YOU.
About Sheva, i wanna invite people to don't judge him now, in postive or in negative, now that he's still with us and probably still thinking abt what 2 do....i invite You to just ask him to stay forever with us becouse, there are millions of reasons for him to stay but i just wanna express all this reasons in one....


Giuseppe G.

Ps: sorry for my bad english and for the way i wrote it...but i wrote it just following the flow of emotions i have inside. You all hit me straight in my heart and to all the other italian MILANISTI.....GRAZIE ANCORA

Even though it didn't work, I'm still proud of it :)

Velez Mostar 04-05-2007 00:27

Kyara you really have something to be proud of :)

I myself never signed the petition, from my point of view it's wrong to beg a player to stay when there are millions out there who would've done about anything to play just 90 min's for AC Milan.

I call people like Sheva selfish and a bit arrogant, well we all know what Berlusconi and our management did for him and his father. Sheva's way of handling things surely showed us all that he didn't love our AC Milan, people like us loved him and then he does this to us....:sleep:


Sorry for going off topic, but I felt I was quoting MANY Milanistas when I wrote this above. That Sheva-Chelsea thing surely left many dissapointed, and it was one of the most emotional threads ever on this forum.

crazy4milan 04-05-2007 04:39

Kyara, I have those images on a photo folder dedicated to Milan (sub folder-the fans-).

Classy posts, I gotta take a look back at the Milan-Bayern thread on 2006, when we won 4-1, I don't why I always have in mind there were some good posts there.

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