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Jasper 05-06-2010 10:02

Those are actually embarrassing posts.

drucurl 05-06-2010 13:24


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 734018)
Those are actually embarrassing posts.

I know ...just a little more effort and he might have been a hero...instead he chose to tend to his hair :head:

hdcantona 05-06-2010 14:38

you know as well as everyone else drucurl, that the idea of the post is the embarassment.

Ashish 05-06-2010 16:23

perfect post

drucurl 07-06-2010 15:21


Originally Posted by hdcantona (Post 734066)
you know as well as everyone else drucurl, that the idea of the post is the embarassment.

Opening an old wound is never pleasant. But sometimes it is necessary to even go as far as breaking a bone again if it isn't set right. Remove the lying playmaker and REPENT :o

Pedro 07-06-2010 15:44

The term 'Golden post' has now really lost its meaning.

Senatore_M84 07-06-2010 16:40


I think they are golden posts.

They are fucking hilariously false and made up. Even I can't come up with comedy like that

Pedro 07-06-2010 16:47

Good point.

Should we just put a link to the Pirlo thread then?

Ashish 07-06-2010 17:50

aaaha now people blaming the thread title :D

Congo Powers 07-06-2010 18:22


Sasha 08-06-2010 03:24

If we are gonna post anything in this thread:


Originally Posted by The Bear (Post 735025)
Again, to repeat myself, how is he supposed to create anything without any movement or quality? Put a prime Zidane in his position and it won't be any different. There are few players in world football who can match Pirlo when it comes to passing and vision and that will remain his strongest point, it's up to the players around him to benefit from that. Sneijder is another player without spectacular statistics to his name, yet he - like I believe Pirlo does - keeps the team ticking. I'm sure the Dutchman's assists tally would be far more impressive if he was the focal point of the team, but he isn't. You never got the impression that Mourinho told the players "right, get the ball and pass to Sneijder", rather his team was built on hard work and organisation.

Fair point, but he's still managed over 30 games last season.

I agree, but that's partly down to their sense of need to defend him, seeing as he gets an awful lot of criticism on here.

As for your other points, each to their own I suppose. You do seem to have valid reasons for your dislike towards him and even though I don't agree with them, it's only conducive to discussion. Tongue was firmly in contact with my cheek with the Gattuso quote, though I couldn't resist posting it. I wasn't using it as a measure of his quality, simply following the trend of this thread. For what it's worth, I agree with your points about Antonini and Abate.

I'm curious, how exactly am I supposed to post? You seem incapable of grasping the basic concept of a discussion board.

No idea why you have to resort to calling me a clown. "Isn't who he says he is" - well, I can confirm that I'm not an actual bear, but what's your point?

:star: X 1 zillion

Especially that last line. :D

Sven 28-08-2010 03:23


Originally Posted by Congo Powers (Post 786276)
if this deal goes through, i would not be suprised if it scares alot of u here.

maybe, for some ppl that r slightly n00bish, this will catch u off guard. u mite not b used to ac milan big dicking it to an obscene level. it mite scare u...u mite b uncomfortable with it...u mite feel like its wrong.

not everyone is okay with offensive big-dicking. thats fine. however the club we support here is AC MILAN. we big dick. deal with it.


Ashish 29-08-2010 05:13

Congo should have been my big brother :(

i like ths post anyway


Originally Posted by AllTfatChildren (Post 789861)
Ahh good ol' Galliani. An inspiration to each and every bargain hunting middle aged women all over the globe. :tongue:

Lolz on a serious note.

The way Galliani controlled this deal for milan was brilliant. From handling that douche bag Raiola to bringing the price down of ibrahimovic from 70 million to 60 million to 40 million to 30 million and finally down to 24 million was master stroke and he also made barca agree for it to be paid over 3 years.
On top of that he made Braida fly all the over to Manchester city to start robinho rumors so that Zlatan lowers his asking salary from the 12 million to around 8 million.

Good job galliani u finally after 3 years did something that went beyond extending contracts of has beens. Take a bow.

Ur legendary status has now been restored :D

Revolution 31-08-2010 18:41


Originally Posted by fredrik9 (Post 795239)
4-2-3-1 would put a quick end to the war in Afghanistan.


KujaIX 31-08-2010 18:50


Originally Posted by Revolution (Post 795370)

You will get slaughtered by the 'correct crew' for posting that in here. :D

Fiero 05-09-2010 11:27


Originally Posted by gaizka22 (Post 798387)
What makes him seemed so evergreen is because unlike other world-class strikers, Pippo never relies on speed, skilld or power. You see the power-type strikers like Vieri died down when their physical strength faded, just a matter of 1-2 years before Drogba felt that too. Or the speed-racer like Henry and Sheva (also physical type) went under the radar when the legs simply cooperate with them again (Cristiano Ronaldo, if you read this post, consider yourself warned). Or the skillful type like Messi, Eto'o or Torres, when they got older, those attributes that make them so feared will simply go. The only player that comes close (some say better) in positioning is probably Ruud van Nistelrooy who managed to combine art of positioning with physical strength.

But no, Pippo relied on one thing that you can't teach but simply born with it: instinct and positioning. He seems able to read where those wild ball inside the box will go after it hits the legs of defenders or the post. That you can't never teach. Pippo is an anomaly. He would never try a simple cross-over ala Ronaldo even in some worthless charity game. In all my years of watching him in Milan, I only saw him scored from a dribble, sometime in 05-06 season when he dribbled from the halfway line. The defender seemed adamant at closing him down. I've seen some vids of him in his Atalanta days when he seemed to score from anywere, he even scored one with a free-kick that would make even Beckham proud.

People despised him when he scored such easy tap-ins 5 yards away from the goal line but what they didn't see (because they will be too busy watching the ball carrier) is how he find the perfect spot. When he scored that 1st goal vs Lpool in CL 07 Final, people sneered, "that's so typical Inzaghi". But what they forgot is how magnificent his position to take Kaka's pass for the 2nd goal, how perfect his control and touch and how deadly the final ball under Reina's body was executed.

Some examples of this that described him best:
1. 1st goal vs Bayern in CL 02/03. I remember how Olie Kahn furiously screamed for some non-existent off-side.
2. vs Inter in 07/08 season
3. All his goals in Club World Cup in Japan 2007
4. vs Celtics in 07/08 CL when he broke Gerd Muller's record.
5. 2nd goal vs Olympique Marseille in last season's CL
There are surely many more, but those goals I love the best.

When he broke Gerd Muller's record, ESPN made an analysis of how he moved. They split the screen to 4 section, showing the action of 3 great strikers : MvBasten, Batistuta and Nistelrooy. Then there's a section for Inzaghi. Those 4 players were in the same situation : a corner from the same side of the goal. All the first 3 names moved into the same direction and scored in similar fashion. But not Pippo, he moved in different direction. When he moved to that direction, ESPN stopped the video then asked "Why would he move to that direction? All your years of training as a striker taught you never to move that way". But Pippo still scored. Amazing, I wish I taped that 15 seconds video.

Pippo said he wanted to break MvBasten's 124 goal tally for Milan. He now got 122. MvBasten was my fave player of all time (not only for Milan but in the world, still) but I won't mind having Pippo broke his record. This is only player who broke all the normal requirements to be a good striker.

Pippo haters, suck on that

Sasha 09-11-2010 20:01


Originally Posted by fredrik9 (Post 845917)

:cool: :star: :o

drucurl 23-11-2010 04:22


gaizka22 22-02-2011 16:15

Jasper's post defending Gattuso definitely deserved to be here.

Lisa 22-02-2011 17:06

Yes it does! Here are the links.

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