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Felix_Abbá 01-01-2012 22:38

World Championship Darts
Does anyone / Has anyone been watching this?

I've only recently got into it and it's probably the most exciting sport to many twists and turns in 1 match!

never thought i'd say that!!!

MilanMB 01-01-2012 23:20


Originally Posted by Felix_Abbá (Post 1187851)
Does anyone / Has anyone been watching this?

I've only recently got into it and it's probably the most exciting sport to many twists and turns in 1 match!

never thought i'd say that!!!


Pedro 01-01-2012 23:44


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 1187856)

Players often come back from being 2-0 or 3-0 behind. Form changes often during a match.

I've been watching this, though the first few rounds not so much.

anth183 02-01-2012 00:48

I'm watching it atm lol. Lewis came back from 5-1 down and leading now

Pedro 02-01-2012 00:51

Is Adrian Lewis homosexual? He kissed John Wade after he won.

And talking about a twist: Lewis was 1-5 behind, yet beat Wade winning 6-5.

So the final will be Andy Hamilton against defending champion Lewis.

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 02:52

absolutely unbelievable!!! what a night and what makes it exciting is the fact that both semi finals could have gone either way, pressure builds and crowds chant and it's depending on how the player reacts to that which makes the end were first to 6 sets with Hamilton comfortably winning only for whitlock to fight back and for him to loose it at the death and the opposite for wade with him winning 5-1 but completely loosing the plot and loosing a place in the final to Lewis..... Hamilton vs Lewis in the final!!! i hope Hamilton wins i've backed him since i started watching this in round 3....

And Perdo....Lewis isn't gay....did you not see his girlfriend?? :eek: i deffo would have a blast!

all my mates go every year and i will next year too! :star:

ulladullau 02-01-2012 04:36

Obviously I was going for Whitlock, had the (dis)pleasure of getting smashed by him a few years back.

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 11:15

Whitlock smashed you? where did you play him? you must be quite good?

I want Hamilton to win, He's the best character and his attitude towards opponents and the game is an example for all sports personalities.....

Here's lewis' final checkout to win the match last night for those who are interested.....unbelievable jeff!

Pedro 02-01-2012 20:26

Andy Hamilton won the first leg, which he started himself. Though, I think Adrian Lewis is going to win it, but I hope Hamilton does. Good luck, Andy! Though Hamilton has been doing well this tournament. It is now his chance to become World Champion...

By the way, my favourite one is Gary Anderson, but unfortunality he's out quite soon already.

And lol at the boo's and yay's to Lewis (misses). :D He asked for it though... :o

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 20:51

course he does!!! come on hamilton!!!

My heart and head are saying 2 different things....still a long way to go though!!!

Pedro 02-01-2012 20:58

Nice, after making it 1-1 in sets, Andy starts with 180 in the third set. Looking good! :)

And then 43... :( so typical eh...

Ooh, so unlucky with the triple 3 there!

Pedro 02-01-2012 21:03

They are finally hitting form. :)

Lewis missed a 9 darter... lots of 180's they throw now!

I expect Lewis to keep good form most of the time, I hope Andy can too.

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 21:04

9 darter was so close!!! i though that was definate!!! even though i don't like lewis he can turn it on

Come on Hamilton!!!! I BELIEVE!!!!

Pedro 02-01-2012 21:05

You should hit that double 18, Andy !!!!!!!

Lewis on his way to victory now, though it's still very early, but you can't miss those chances, Andy!!

Adrian is really really doing well now...

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 21:08

hasn't yesterday taught you anything??? haha

Pedro 02-01-2012 21:13


Originally Posted by Felix_Abbá (Post 1188201)
hasn't yesterday taught you anything??? haha


Lewis looks too strong for Andy today though... and he is defending champ, so he is used to the pressure

Though that's a finish, Andy :) who knows what will happen? Final looking good so far...(after a sloppy start)

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 21:20

you're guess is as good as mine we were saying yesterday in this thread...form seems to go as quickly as it's gained......i honestly don't know who will win....starting to think it is Hamiltons night...he's starting to believe whereas lewis is still looking shakey even though he almost had that 9darter!

Pedro 02-01-2012 21:44

Now both are dropping form...

You better win the sloppy set, Andy..

Wow, really bad throwing now by both, but the finish in the end is nice by Andy eh :D
Andy has made some nice finishes today :)

Felix_Abbá 02-01-2012 21:50

yeah...Andy blew it though when he had the chance to lead 3-2 in sets......unless something changes quickly i can't see him winning! Come on andy show some of that Grit!!! you've got this far with it!!!!

Pedro 02-01-2012 21:57

By the way, the girlfriend(?*) of Andy reminds me of the mother of Lindsay Lohan's character in that Freaky Friday movie..

Anywho, Andy makes it 3-4, which is important.. cuz with 2-5 it would look hopeless

*ah, they are apparently married

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