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AndreiX 08-08-2018 12:36

Ti?mou? Bakayoko Thread

jammin 08-08-2018 12:37

Bakashit or Shityoko?

Bird 08-08-2018 13:52


Originally Posted by Jammin (Post 2884990)
Bakashit or Shityoko?


jon 08-08-2018 14:06

if Chelshit pay at least half his wages im all for this loan

Hannibal 08-08-2018 23:43

Is this as bad as Balotelli wearing an AC Milan jersey while at Inter? :lol:

AndreiX 08-08-2018 23:46

it's just the shirt he got from the chelsea-inter friendly

Savo 09-08-2018 05:10

Depends on the price of the loan but this could be OK... not too exciting but hey could work out as long as it's not expensive

Really wish we would have pushed hard and went for Rabiot... just perfect for what we need.

PatoRTW 09-08-2018 05:30

6.5 million year salary at chelsea is insane for someone who has had one good run at monaco. a loan is fine but say he does well enough where milan actually buy him, how much is his salary going to be

Jasper 09-08-2018 06:32

Well this is a great first page :lol:

Sage 09-08-2018 07:18

molto welcome

Italian Tsar 09-08-2018 12:57

I guess this means Conte's not going to end up here. It'll be insane if he does.

Conte: You!?
Bakayoko: You?!

ikita 10-08-2018 07:00


Originally Posted by Italian Tsar (Post 2886074)
I guess this means Conte's not going to end up here. It'll be insane if he does.

Conte: You!?
Bakayoko: You?!

genuinely made me laugh :lol:

Italian Tsar 10-08-2018 12:53


Originally Posted by ikita (Post 2887111)
genuinely made me laugh :lol:


joyrider 10-08-2018 16:44

Molto needed here.

Polotelli 12-08-2018 13:53

have to see it in action first before I judge

Ash 12-08-2018 13:59


hopefully you turn it around and prove your doubters wrong

necromancer 12-08-2018 18:55

Landed in Milano! I think this will be a very good under-the-radar signing.

Hugh Janus 12-08-2018 19:00

He'll be just a one season filler. We ain't gonna pay 40m for him.

Jasper 13-08-2018 12:09

Nestafan 13-08-2018 13:24

Welcome Baka. Please help us be good again.

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