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AndreiX 11-03-2020 23:32


VooDooDoll 11-03-2020 23:32

totten and liver - last year finalists - eliminated in 1/8 :lol:

fray 11-03-2020 23:35

That was a game of two keepers.

Fabio 11-03-2020 23:35


Originally Posted by Il grande Milan (Post 3130047)
Trent Alexander Arnold :lol: this guys' defensive skills are even worse than our Calabria

I know its funny to laugh at liverpool but please tell me you are not seriously comparing the agurably best rb of last seasons cl to calabria

Sognatore 11-03-2020 23:38

Ah nice......CL is developing nicely

vB9 12-03-2020 00:26

Shame this collapse did happen in Dec... they wudve lost the league. Scum... inter of England

Qaas 12-03-2020 00:55

Alez paris [emoji7][emoji7]

vB9 12-03-2020 01:05

:lol::lol:@ the way Emre manhandled Neymar.

Ronin 12-03-2020 08:07


Originally Posted by fray (Post 3130054)
That was a game of two keepers.

Indeed. Oblak was insane yesterday.

While Liverpool where ruined by terrible goalkeeping again.

Glad for Atletico, hope they win it this year

joyrider 12-03-2020 09:33

More EPL teams need to be removed from the CL.

necromancer 12-03-2020 15:10

Nice, that was a good end to the football season.

Il grande Milan 11-04-2020 13:32


Originally Posted by Fabio (Post 3130055)
I know its funny to laugh at liverpool but please tell me you are not seriously comparing the agurably best rb of last seasons cl to calabria

I'm not laughing at Liverpool. To be honest, it's the club in PL I have the most respect for, but I was referring to Trend Alexander's defensive skills. If you've watched Liverpool games, you should have noticed it's obviously his offensive game that made him 'best rb of last seasons cl". He just enjoyed the same luxury that guys like Piqué and Bonnuci had at Barcelona and Juventus: being in such a strong team that there's almost no real pressure on the defense. This season, I've seen Liverpool struggling way more often that the season before and Trend Alexander got exposed so many times. His positioning is horrible and I'm sorry but he's just bad at defending. Even heard the game commentator saying a few times that Trend often makes mistakes when the defense is under pressure.

After all, he never was a defender. The guy played his whole life in the youth as a RM up until the day that Klopp decided to put him on RB, which was only recently. It explains why he's good in attack but horrible in defense. You can't just learn how to defend in a few weeks.

Polotelli 15-06-2020 20:11

Champions League knockout games are set to be played in an 12-day condensed tournament in Lisbon in August

That's actually pretty cool

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