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adriancg 22-03-2010 10:21

Zinedine Zidane Thread
Following Kuzi's footsteps: if Messi, CRonaldo and Moanin' Ho get their thread, I think it's only fair for football that the living legend that is Zidane gets his own man-love corner. I think this picture illustrates my point pretty well.

So... to get this started, Zidane having fun after retirement.

MilanMB 22-03-2010 10:35

Legend... of course he deserves his own thread...

He has never been one of my favourite players though, only for his choices in clubs. Jube and real merda. Wished he had played with us. I'm sure we have been linked to him sometime in the past :D

GreatKalu 22-03-2010 11:12

Brilliant! Since Zidane > Brazil :D

dev1L 22-03-2010 16:05

Jasper 22-03-2010 16:35

Good. Reminded I still haven't seen his movie. :)

Kuzimoto 22-03-2010 22:24

Zizou is the hero!!!
I will always admire him for that headbutt!!!

Cristina 22-03-2010 22:31

How long before someone brings up the headbutt incident?

Edit: I should refresh my page more often before posting. :D

Az. 22-03-2010 22:35


Originally Posted by Kuzimoto (Post 688065)
Zizou is the hero!!!
I will always admire him for that headbutt!!!

Never been a big fan of him,cause like others said he just played in teams that i hate ..but that is just pure gold :star:

adriancg 22-03-2010 23:08

Yeah, I have to agree his team choices were questionable at best, but his play was just too damn sexy. Made it look easy.

IL-Capitano 22-03-2010 23:08

either that or materazzi is just a complete pansy.

Edi 23-03-2010 10:20


Originally Posted by Az. (Post 688074)

Never been a big fan of him,cause like others said he just played in teams that i hate ..but that is just pure gold :star:

Honestly he was too gentle with Materazzi:D

I mean since he knew he was gonna get a red+would retire a right or left hook even some kicking should have been added:tongue:

Gooooooooooooo Zizou!

WILL2K 23-03-2010 22:16

One of my fav. player of all times, a genius, unique in a way that he doesn't need 'speed' to get pass by people while his vision is unmatched accompanied by flawless technique and determination of a leader, that is why he perfomed very well till age of 34, embarrassing all the Brazilian super stars.

akewander 23-03-2010 23:00

a legend right next to pele, maradonna, best and ronaldo(real ronaldo).his balance was amzing and vision unmatched,i just love how he stepped up at 06 worldcup and lead his country to the finals.still think france would have won it if he wasnt sent off.

samir10 23-03-2010 23:32

perhaps my favorite non milan player alongside riquelme. this guy makes football look like child play, he plays it with such ease and yet his vision can hardly be ever matched. and his materazzi headbutting makes him even bigger legend :star:

Sasha 24-03-2010 02:45

I hate his guts but I respect him. Fucking french fag JuBentino/Merdridista aka good player. :o

FaRa13 24-03-2010 07:58

The best ever. Football is not the same without him :(

Fiero 24-03-2010 09:29

One of the best ever... and definetly one of my fav players ever. I remember he got me supporting France during Euro 2000 solely because of his genius.

Edit: vid added

FaRa13 06-04-2010 07:15

I see minor similarities between him and Gourcuff. However, like i said, minor. Zidane's talent and skill is breathtaking. I dont think there will ever be a player that can play as smooth as he did.

Wild 06-04-2010 13:53

Zidane > insert the name of any player past or present.

dev1L 06-04-2010 13:57

Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zidane :o

:D :D

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