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Riccardo 07-11-2004 14:57

alternate Rui and Kaka
I think that with the way teams are prepared for Kaka these days, it may not be a bad idea to use Rui every now and then. He is a remarkable player who offers a slightly different sevice than Kaka, and this may catch some teams out. I really think we should utilise Rui before he gets too old or moves on due to lack of play. Last season, Kaka overshadowed him, but this season Kaka is struggling a bit, and Rui should be considered to start some games in his place. At least this would start some competition between the two and as a result we may see a more determined Kaka'.

pixiraver 07-11-2004 16:04

kaka and rui
Obviously rui costa can only manage to play for 15minutes this days after that he gets lost in d game ,this can be attributed to his old age,kaka's game is kind of inconsistent this season,check out gattuso also making through passes,why dont we get another youthful midfielder like ronaldinho.But i think as time goes on kaka would be one of d best midfielders around,he is so much talented.

~Biski Biskit~ 07-11-2004 17:29

If it was up to me I would play both Kaka and Rui Costa in the starting line-up. Their creativity combned in a game would be deadly.

Vernetti 08-11-2004 11:20

I think it´s a good idea to use Rui Costa some more. The stuff about him only being able to play 15 minutes of good football is rubbish.
With what i´ve seen of Kaka this year he certainly isn´t doing anything Rui can´t do. We could even use him together with Gattuso and Seedorf in stead of Pirlo who has been crap ever since he came back from the olympics. Yes, he does make some good assists but he throughs away SO many balls at the same time.

We need to shake everybody a bit up now as the season is long underway and we are not even playing to half of our potential. It´s pissing me of.

MilanLover1899 08-11-2004 14:34


Originally Posted by Vernetti
We need to shake everybody a bit up now as the season is long underway and we are not even playing to half of our potential. It´s pissing me of.

I totally agree !

About Kaka : he is much younger, better technical skills and a fast as a rabbit
About Rui : great pass, reads the game exellent, offensive minded

I think both players can be very usefull, but it all depends on the opponent either kaka or rui. Togheter will not happen fast while you have to sacrifice someone who does the dirty word (e.g. Gatusso). You need a fighter on the midfield.

Forza Milan

superman_1899 08-11-2004 16:01

i so totally agree, to play kaka and rui together... however mr.president will be pissed to see one stiker... then again.. kaka could and can be convert into a striker-provider role (i.e del piero or r.baggio)...

and i notice, whenever rui plays... kaka has more space to move and cause problem like he used to do last season... plus i believe kaka needs to learn alot from rui...

furthermore... with the combination of rui-kaka-sheva... needn't i explain further... and pirlo from the back directing the play... who wouldnt fear us...

as for gattuso-pirlo-seedorf... i have nothing much to say.. but they have to be in the first eleven.. dont know y my intuition says soo...

till then dudes... see ya...

elvis king 08-11-2004 16:41

We are known Rui and Kaka also the best 'Mid field' player, but if i go to choose ,i will put KAka be a shadow striker behind sehcv. and Rui be the controller .Then it is prowerful.
Sorry this is my fool thinking...;)

gaizka22 08-11-2004 18:55

Maybe rest Pirlo for a couple of game, just like Carlo did when he just got back from Olympics and Rui played some good game. Their style is different but worth trying.

As for playing Rui and Kaka together, it will be like 2 seasons ago when Rui and Rivaldo paired up behind Inzaghi and it worked so fine, gave us the winter Scudetto and many wins in CL. But Kaka is a lot better than Rivaldo and Sheva have more tricks than Pippo (no offense to Pippo), especially with his current performance.

But will Berlusconi leave Carlo alone on this? That's the question.

MilanLover1899 08-11-2004 23:17


Originally Posted by gaizka22

But will Berlusconi leave Carlo alone on this? That's the question.

The boss is in charge, Carlo in these matters is only a puppet.

Forza Milan

elvis king 16-11-2004 16:29

I am so happy to see that so many people reply and discuss in this topic!:D

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