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Goodfella 08-11-2012 20:27

San Siro is shit and will look shit no matter what.

Mion-Moura 08-11-2012 20:42

Will be rennovated no matter what

softone 10-11-2012 02:26

Indonesian Oil and Gas Company (PERTAMINA) is willing to become a sponsor for AC Milan
PERTAMINA wants it's logo to be displayed in LED every time Milan plays in San Siro
here is the link:

Tidalwave 10-11-2012 11:20


Originally Posted by softone (Post 1549911)
Indonesian Oil and Gas Company (PERTAMINA) is willing to become a sponsor for AC Milan
PERTAMINA wants it's logo to be displayed in LED every time Milan plays in San Siro
here is the link:

#ForzaIndonesia :proud:

Jasper 23-11-2012 16:55


Originally Posted by SwissRamble

I’ve been asked for my thoughts on Arsenal’s £150m Emirates deal, so here goes.

New deal covers 5-year extension in shirt sponsorship from 2014 to 2019 plus 7-year extension in stadium naming rights from 2021 to 2028. This represents a significant improvement over current deal: £90m for 8 years shirt sponsorship plus 15 years stadium naming rights. Likelihood is naming rights element of deal is worth very little. Current £90m deal includes £42m for naming rights, so only £2.8m a year. If that is unchanged, then that would be worth around £20m of new deal (7 years x £2.8m). That would leave £130m for shirt sponsorship (+ training kit), so £26m a year, compared to current £5.5m.

If naming rights extension effectively worth nothing, due to “stickiness” of Emirates name, then shirt sponsorship worth £30m a year. Either way, this is higher than every other club with the exception of Manchester United’s Chevrolet deal (£45m). The deal could also be worth more if team is successful, as bonus payments for success likely to be included in contract. So, an impressive deal, though question is how good it will look in a few years time when other leading clubs renegotiate their deals. Also, there should be a similar uplift when Arsenal renegotiate Nike kit supplier deal with Adidas strongly rumoured to be replacement.

Worth to think about this.

From Estonian forum:
1. Barcelona - £25m-a-year (Qatar Foundation)
2. Bayern Munich - £23.6m-a-year (Deutche Telekom)
3. Manchester United - £20m-a-year (Aon)
3. Liverpool - £20m-a-year (Standard Chartered)
3. Manchester City - £20m-a-year (Etihad Airways)
3. Sunderland - £20m-a-year (Invest in Africa)
7. Real Madrid - £16.8m-a-year (Bwin)
8. Chelsea - £13.8m-a-year (Samsung)
9. Tottenham Hotspur - £10m-a-year (Autonomy & Investec)
9. AC Milan - £10m-a-year (Emirates)
9. Newcastle United - £10m-a-year (Virgin Money)

Sod-Lod 12-12-2012 16:04

The Link WITH CHINA 12/12/2012
A new commercial partnership between Milan and champions of China Guangzhou Evergrande.


MILAN – Adriano Galliani was in fine spirits when he welcomed to president of Chinese club Ghuangzhou Evergrande, Liu Jong Zhuo.

The commercial partnership between the two clubs was signed and sealed with a handshake and smiles all around.

Galliani gifted the Chinese president a shirt with 8-Liu printed on the back.

Ghuangzhou have won the last two league titles in China. Marcello Lippi is the coach, the father of Davide and the winner of the 2006 World Cup with the Italian national team.

Guangzhou Evergrande won the title in 2012 with 58 points, 5 more than Jiangsu Sainty.

They won 17 games, drew five, lost five and scored 51 compared to 29 conceded.

Jasper 12-02-2013 10:29

L'ad rossonero, durante la presentazione del primo torneo di Poker che si terra' a San Siro in collaborazione con IziPlay, ha ribadito la completa fiducia nei confronti di Mister Allegri.

Do I get this correct - Izi will be bringing us some CARAMEL? #TUR-FU

jammin 12-02-2013 10:35

Izi izi beef...

Sod-Lod 16-04-2013 23:39

NUTRILITE is a Premium Sponsor of AC MILAN
NUTRILITE is the Official Nutrition Supplement Provider for A.C


No other team has dominated the sport of soccer like A.C. Milan.
Not surprisingly, behind the world titles are the finest players and trainers on earth. You will also find something else—the finest nutrition on earth.

Since 2008, NUTRILITE™ supplements have provided the enhanced nutrition that helps these athletes perform at world-class levels.

NUTRILITE is the Official Nutrition Supplement Provider for A.C. Milan. A.C. Milan is the most successful team in soccer; the NUTRILITE brand is the most respected name in nutrition.

Together, we are working to push the boundaries of athletic performance.

Sven 16-04-2013 23:53


Originally Posted by Sod-Lod (Post 1716983)

Make Bojan drink it all plz

Dawn 17-04-2013 05:48


Originally Posted by Sven (Post 1716987)
Make Bojan drink it all plz

:thumbsup: no worry they'll force him to :lol:

Sod-Lod 25-04-2013 00:58

The deal with SuisseGas has been signed that will see them as a Premium Sponsor for the 2012/13 season and a Top Sponsor in the 2013/14 season.


MILAN - SuisseGas has joined the extended AC Milan family as a Premium Sponsor for the 2012/13 season and as a Top Sponsor in the 2013/14 season.

The agreement was signed today by Milan vice President and CEO Adriano Galliani in via Turati, by Luido Bernasconi, the CEO of SuisseGas and by Luca Borelli, Commercial Director of SuisseGas.

The agreement will give the SuissGas trademark some major visibility on the pitch side advertising boards, totems, backdrops and fixed advertising boards installed at the Milanello Sports Complex where the Milan players train and at the stadium on match days.

SuisseGas will also be given a 'package' of seats in the first tier which they can distribute as they please for Serie A, Uefa Champions League and Italian Cup games.

These guests will also be given the opportunity to visit Milanello, have organised walkabouts and to utilise the logo and image of the club for their 'below the line' activities.

"We are very happy," said Luido Bernasconi, CEO of SuisseGas "to be part of the Milan family as an energy partner.

Our on going aim to become involved with sporting initiatives is perfectly matched by the universal values that Milan and sport represents, principles which are at the heart of good business.

We have chose to join forces with the most successful club in the world because SuisseGas even though they are a young yet dynamic group.

From the very start they have always aimed high in all aspects of their business.

Sod-Lod 05-07-2013 23:28

Banca Popolare di Milano has become a Top Sponsor for Milan after signing a three year deal.


MILAN - AC Milan and Banca Popolare di Milano (BPM) have signed a sponsorship deal that will tie the bank with the rossoneri for the next three years.

Since 1865 the BPM have excelled in the field of banking and have deep roots in the territory.

This very 'Milanese' aspect is what convinced the bank to join forces with AC Milan, a successful, modern and enterprising club in the field of football both internationally and in Italy.

BPM will become a Top Sponsor for the club and will further cement their place as a sponsor in the world of sport considering their existing deals in swimming and skiing.

The deal, signed in collaboration with Infront Italy (official advisors for the rossoneri for some years now), will include the implementations of activities for supporters, families and young people as well as activities for B2B with other sponsors who have joined forces with Milan.

Innovative personal banking offers and the development of online channels are just the tip of the iceberg in a series of co-branding and co-marketing initiatives struck up between the two companies.

Sod-Lod 10-07-2013 15:10

Contract signed between AC Milan and Chronotech that becomes Official Partner of AC Milan for the 2013-14 season.


MILAN - Chronotech watch brand becomes Official Partner of AC Milan for the 2013-2014 football season.

The partnership agreement was finalized today in Milan: the signing of the contract were present Simone Binda, CEO of Binda srl Italy and Adriano Galliani, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of AC Milan.

The partnership, signed in collaboration with Infront Italy, Club's official advisor for years Rossoneri, will be realized, among other things, through the institutional communication and logo Chronotech inside the San Siro Stadium during home matches of AC Milan and the Milanello sports center, home of the team practice.

Chronotech will also be present on all the communication tools of Milan: from the site to the magazine Forza Milan.

The combination of the two companies is enshrined in the same ideals and the same spirit ADVANCED, which led Chronotech and Milan to be at the highest levels , expressing the passion and ensuring the performance, each in their specific fields.

"We are pleased to welcome a brand as dynamic and successful, with Chronotech we share a mission of innovation and global nature" - said Adriano Galliani , Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of AC Milan - "We will make available our new partners all our experience to maximize sponsorship and to make sure that Chronotech can achieve its marketing goals."

Simone Binda, Chief Executive Officer of Italian Binda commented on the signing: "We are delighted to be able to tie the name Chronotech with AC Milan, who has a history of great success and is now the most successful club in the world, the value of team spirit and interpret perfectly our style.

This agreement governs the union between two realities accumunate by the passion and determination to achieve excellence and new goals, is the opportunity to underscore our vocation to the dynamism and innovation.

Since its debut on the Italian market, Chronotech has established itself thanks to the ability to create innovative products and highly characteristic, well-defined essence, challenging and powerful, dedicated to contemporary men who love and live life to the fullest.

The new direction of the brand is characterized by a structured and long-lasting, which is expressed in terms of stylistic and aesthetic concepts through new product, the result of market analysis, test to the consumer, but above all an exercise in style and creative fervor.

A new generation of products inspired by a new lifestyle ADVANCED, able to contact the target male and female in a targeted and differentiated, each characterized by a set of symbols from the evocative power.

Rossonero9 10-07-2013 17:39

How come we never learn how much these companies give us?

Sod-Lod 25-07-2013 22:31

Blu Hotels have become an Official Partner of A.C. Milan for season 2013-14.
(IN THE PHOTO: Milan CEO Adriano Galliani stands between Nicola Risatti and Fabrizio Piantoni, president and vice president of Blu Hotels spa)


MILAN – Quality, prestige, great organization and high level performance - in a word, Italian excellence in the hospitality industry.

Blu Hotels, present in the world of sport and in particular football for many years, has become Official Partner of AC Milan for the 2013-2014 football season.

The agreement was signed today in Milan at Rossoneri headquarters in Via Turati: present for the signing of the contract were Risatti Nicola and Fabrizio Seedlings, respectively president and vice president of Blu Hotels spa, Adriano Galliani, AC Milan vice chairman and chief executive officer and Marco Bogarelli, president of Infront Italy.

The partnership, signed in collaboration with Infront Italy, AC Milan’s official advisor, will be formed through corporate communication and visibility of Blu Hotels at the San Siro stadium during AC Milan’s home games and at the Milanello, the team’s training centre.

Blu Hotels will also be present on all official AC Milan communications, from the site to the Forza Milan! magazine, to ensure that this sponsorship becomes a true partnership and all-round cooperation with AC Milan.

The agreement also provides for the use of Blu Hotels facilities for special events such as the Workshop, the Milan Business Forum, when required by the four youth teams and also for the Milan Foundation Golf Tournament.

Blu Hotels has been an authoritative player in the world of Italian holidays for 20 years and is confirmed today as the major Italian company in the leisure sector.

Twenty-five hotels and village resorts carry the Blu Hotels brand in Italy, a brand that since 1993 has been synonymous with quality, prestige and professionalism.

Blu Hotels came into being through the fighting spirit and long-range planning of the Risatti family, originally from Limone sul Garda (Lake Garda, Brescia), and now boasts charming hotels in the most beautiful corners of Italy, easily accessible and located in areas rich in nature.

Sod-Lod 30-10-2013 17:22

Huawei: Premium Sponsor and Mobile Partner for the Rossoneri.

MILAN - Leading Information and Communication company Huawei and AC Milan have come together to announce a new sponsorship agreement.

The announcement was made during a press conference which took place in the historic Trophy Room in Via Turati with the collaboration of Infront Italy, advisors to the Rossoneri.

Present at the agreement were Huawei Italy Managing Director George Zhao, Executive Director Huawei Device Italy Daniele De Grandis and AC Milan Chief Executive Adriano Galliani.

The sponsorship allows for the use of the Milan brand for marketing and communication activities in Italy and abroad.

The signing of the agreement also means that Huawei become the Mobile Partner of the Rossoneri, becoming the chief communications supplier to AC Milan.

“It is a source of great pride that Huawei has chosen to work with the Milan brand for its development strategies.

We have a three year agreement which will able us to plan and develop together business activities.

The partnership with Huawei will offer us fantastic commercial opportunities in the Chinese market and I am sure that it will be mutually beneficial.”- Milan Chief Executive Adriano Galliani.

“After the great response to our sponsorship of the Italian Super Cup in 2011 held in Beijing, we are enthusiastic to continue our partnership with AC Milan, a recognised leader in the footballing world that fits perfectly with our goal of leadership within the consumer market.

The popularity of the team in China opens up great possibilities in the future.”- George Zhao Huawei Italy Managing Director.

Founded as a supplier of telecommunication technologies, in which it is already a recognised global leader, Huawei is gradually moving into the consumer market with a wide range of mobile and connectivity products.

“This sponsorship is a great chance to bring our products to an ever widening consumer base, not only in the Italian market, but also on a global scale.

We are proud to be associated with the AC Milan brand, a top performing team that is well associated with our products, the latest top of the range, such as the Ascend P6 the thinnest smartphone in the world.”- Daniele De Grandis Executive Director Huawei Device Italy.

Sod-Lod 30-10-2013 17:29

Raz 30-10-2013 19:29

Getting ready to take that Asian market?

Sod-Lod 11-02-2014 10:44

MILAN – There will be a press conference today at 12.00 to mark the new partnership between Fujitsu and AC Milan.

Massimo Signor, the managing director of Tata Fujitsu will be present with the head of sales Mauro Tavola. Franco Baresi meanwhile will be representing AC Milan.

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