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Sonny.Bill.Williams 08-06-2011 20:41

UEFA Age Group Competitions
Thread was missing . All Discussions for Uefa age group competitions can take place here instead of making a new thread each time.

2011 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship

Can't really imagine anything other than a Spain-Ingerland final ,Spain to win it ......Media wankfest :rolleyes:

Didac - golden ball :cool:

Dinar 09-06-2011 09:36

12 players to watch at the Under-21 European Championships 2011


The 2011 UEFA Under-21 European Championships get underway this weekend in Denmark. This year’s edition includes some surprise names, such as Belarus and first-time qualifiers Iceland, as well as some big name absentees like Italy, Holland and 2009 winners Germany who all failed to qualify this time around. As always at Just Football, we like to keep a close eye on emerging stars around the world. Here are 12 players to watch out for:

No Italy, No Interest!

necromancer 12-06-2011 18:53

Spain U-21 XI vs England: De Gea; Montoya, BotÃ*a, DomÃ*nguez, DÃ*dac VilÃ*; Javi MartÃ*nez, Ander, Thiago; Jeffren, Mata, Adrián

Yes, Didac Vila starts.

Christian 12-06-2011 19:19

Lost our first game thanks to a goal by Xherdan Shaqiri, who's suposedly very talented. Decent goal to

Charbel 12-06-2011 19:21

How was Erikssen?

Christian 12-06-2011 19:25


Originally Posted by Charbel (Post 1024383)
How was Erikssen?

Honostly didn't watch the game, so wouldn't know. Just saw this goal on the news

Sven 12-06-2011 19:52

Javi MartÃ*nez still play at youth levels? ffs

acmilan4ever 12-06-2011 20:00

Spain 1:0 already, Ander Herrera

manutd fan 12-06-2011 20:24

We're not playing well at all here. Smalling is the only player who looks any good. Welbeck/Henderson/Cleverly/Sturridge can't get into the match.

Ashish 12-06-2011 20:31

Didac ripped apart there :(

akewander 12-06-2011 20:33

walker is englands best player, solid defense and dangerous going forward

didac hasnt shown anything

Sonny.Bill.Williams 12-06-2011 20:39

13 of spains 23 players are 22+ :rolleyes: ...must be the oldest team at the tournament...four 23-y olds

-e- Average age Countries
20 Switzerland
21 Denmark, Spain, England
22 Belarus, Czech Republic, Iceland, Ukraine

acmilan4ever 12-06-2011 20:39

Who has been Spain's best player? Mata?

Ashish 12-06-2011 21:25

our kid is better this half, good passing, good understanding good runs but bad at defending and no spanish players cross and i havent seen one, I am only watching the game when balll is on the villa side :o

martinez is a solid player buy him :D

Ashish 12-06-2011 21:29

Stupid villa

akewander 12-06-2011 21:30

welbeck scores 1-1

walker the orchestrator ;)

vila nowhere

Edit: FT 1-1
welbeck had a great 2nd half

martinez probably spains best

vila should have stayed @ milan to learn how to defend.

Fiero 12-06-2011 21:43

I watched Spain vs England. Many players that people would recognize:

From Spain: De Gea (Man Utd), Didac (Milan), Thiago (Barcelona), Jeffren (Barcelona), Mata (Valencia).

From England: Smalling (Man Utd), Jones (Man Utd), Henderson (Liverpool), Manicienne (Chelsea), Welbeck (United), Sturridge (Chelsea).

England are very disappointing. Not that I expected anything from them, but seriously the future looks dim for them as usual. :D Players are picked based on sheer physicality, they're all absolutely brainless and lack a lot in technique.

For me most impressive players were:

From Spain: Javi Martinez, Ander Herrera, and Mata.

From England: Kyle Walker, Smalling, and Rose (though he ran out of gas in the second half).

Seriously Barcelona must be stupid if they are willing to spend 35 million on Fabregas when they have Thiago. This kid's potential is scary.

Henderson was absolutely worthless though. Can't believe Liverpool paid that amount of money for him.

manutd fan 12-06-2011 21:44

What was Welbeck's goal like?

Fiero 12-06-2011 21:47


Originally Posted by manutd fan (Post 1024438)
What was Welbeck's goal like?

Clear offside. Simple tap-in though.

He had a shit match. Very aggressive fouling (was lucky not to get a 2nd yellow), and pretty much useless. Lack of service didn't help him though.

He still was better than Sturridge.

Dinar 12-06-2011 22:27

hmm.. so was it a handball which gave Spain lead? :o

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