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There's been lot of media wank about the coefficients but the truth is that Italy has outperformed England only once in ten years before last season. There is a chance but let's not get ahead of ourselves when Sampdoria goes to battle while Lazio goes to CL playoff (most likely) without a seed. This can easily turn into Italy vs Portugal situation we saw this season.

It is indeed great website I encourage everyone to bookmark. I've been using it years before you were a member
You are on my ignore list because every single post from you is full of negativity and failed attempts at humor. What matters isn't what happened before 5 years ago, but what will happen in the future. Italy have a very realistic chance of over taking both England and Germany in the next two years. Portugal shouldn't even be mentioned because it does not matter whether Italy are fourth spot or fifth spot - they're the same. The only difference is between 3rd and 4th.

And to respond to your smartass comment, I did not start being a Milan fan the day I joined the forum nor did I start using that website on that date. Why was your comment even necessary that you've been using it before me? No body asked you. Now, if my posts are bothering you, add me to you ignore list... but if you don't want to do that, then get the fuck out of my lane.. I won't be 'revealing' any more of your useless posts.
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