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LOL .. you must be my Mom who tell me what should or shouldn't do ��
Probably you don't know that here in Asia Milan's game mostly starting after mid night. And that tennis match played in Australia which is only has 1 hour difference time from my country.. and for the love of God that was final game that played by legend whose gonna retire soon if you counting from his age..and I wouldn't missed his every single finals. . If Milan plays in CL final I will support them by watching it even when the game will be playing after midnight. And there's nothing wrong with in love with 2 different sports.. Even Maldini plays tennis these days lately .. you probably will tell him fake player or fake Milan captain too.. okay .. enough said from me ... stop trolling my post by saying fake fake .. its kinda annoying really .. try to say nicely here .. I believe you're Milan fan so do I .. thanks before ��

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