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Originally Posted by dcfcfan1 View Post
Not sure this was his fault. If calabria didnt get sent off we would have won 1-0 against a very solid form team.
Originally Posted by Colossus View Post
nah....Calabria 100%
1. For playing Andre Silva
2. We were getting a lot of heat before that.
3. Waited too long with the subs and Kali was not a good one for 20 more minutes, when you have an in-form, explosive Cutrone ready.

Suso's goal was a lucky and undeserved one, by the way we played.

Originally Posted by Az. View Post
I got it 100% on the imbeciles who put him in charge. Gatusso is trying his best, its just that his best isn't enough.

At this point, even if we could get someone like Conte, I would still vote to keep Gattuso, if he keeps the current form. He's a club legend, for fuck's sake. If there is a chance he can become a good/great coach, we should help him do that here. Not much of Milan DNA left here anyway.

p.s. still don't get why he played Silva in such a crucial game, against one of the most in-form teams in the league

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