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Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
1. For playing Andre Silva
2. We were getting a lot of heat before that.
3. Waited too long with the subs and Kali was not a good one for 20 more minutes, when you have an in-form, explosive Cutrone ready.

Suso's goal was a lucky and undeserved one, by the way we played.

At this point, even if we could get someone like Conte, I would still vote to keep Gattuso, if he keeps the current form. He's a club legend, for fuck's sake. If there is a chance he can become a good/great coach, we should help him do that here. Not much of Milan DNA left here anyway.

p.s. still don't get why he played Silva in such a crucial game, against one of the most in-form teams in the league
Kalinic over Cutrone makes sense when you are down to 10 men and need someone to hold the ball up and take pressure off the defence. Cutrone for his goalscoring ability in the box is not a good striker to take pressure off the defence and hold it up.

Yes you can argue that Kalinic hasn't done that very well consistently all season, but at least he has that skill set in his arsenal....Cutrone does not
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