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Originally Posted by RossonerRonaldo View Post
Im thinking if Ganso doesnt work out Galliani will probably try to buy Lorran Rodrigues i mean it seems obvious since Dinho recommended him to us and that we have pretendence over Flamengo Talents now!
Speaking of Flamengo-talents, everyone should keep an eye on ADRYAN.
I've been watching him under the U/17-tournament in Ecuador in the past few weeks, and also in the Copinha in January, which Flamengo won, and he played amazingly. He really stood out.
Adryan's core competences are his speed, technique, dribbling skills and vision. He has a lot of flair as well and has a natural flow when he dribbles and brings the ball forward. His passing is also quite accurate. Not to mention that he can shoot/pass the ball equally well with both his right and left foot, and he also uses his ambidexterity when dribbling.
Definitely one to look out for in the future, provided that he can keep on developing.
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