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Originally Posted by manutd fan View Post
Friends is being taken off the air soon.
Originally Posted by hdcantona View Post
what, off E4?

Yeah, i know. Although it's happening next summer. It's going to Comedy Central.

Originally Posted by manutd fan View Post
They're taking the channel in a "different direction".


For the record I watched an interview the other day with Matthew Perry (chandler). He says that other than Jennifer/courtney, the Friends never see eacother anymore, though Matt Perry and Lisa Kudrow "sometimes bump in to eachother".
So, only 'Rachel' and 'Monica' see each other anymore? That is really sad. If i were in a program like that i would make it so the group kept together.

Also, something i found out. In the last series, all the main cast were being paid $1 million an episode. That's crazy.

And for the forgotten part of my original post. Ugly Betty was quite good yesterday although i was convinced that Matt couldn't act this series at the start, but now he seems to have imrpoved. Although one of my friends has told me something which might have been the spoiler for the whole series. If that happened i will be pissed.

If any of you spoil i will hunt you down and kick your ass / Ross.

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