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Originally Posted by Cristina View Post
Is that World Cup show you guys are talking about the one with Peter Crouch co-hosting? If so #1 was Zidane's headbutt.. I think.
No it was one based just on this year's WC, although I did see the one you're talking about That headbutt was crazy... I remember watching it and I barely followed football at all then, just the World Cup a little bit.

I think probably the #1 for the other show was Lampard's not-given goal or the French team's collapse, but those are just guesses.

Originally Posted by KujaIX View Post
I have Comedy Central downstairs, but my parents don't like me watching Friends downstairs so they won't like it and let it happen. But i am asking for a Virgin Media set top box for my room, so i can watch more stuff there, and ESPN!!! So i can post and watch ESPN.
Ah I know the problem, my dad complains about Friends quite a lot It would be cool if you could get one of those top boxes with ESPN! I have ESPN but only on the little tv in our kitchen, but it's so much better than crap streams.
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