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Originally Posted by SpartanMilan View Post
Juve has seen average attendance rise since they built the new stadium, and even though it has less seats, they are going to make a ton of money on it, and the atmosphere is fantastic

Juve downsized from 67,000 seats to 41,000, I think us going from 80,000 seats to ~65,000 would probably be a great idea and we could design it in a way that the views are better and that creates a better and more exciting atmosphere. and we will make a lot of money in the long run
We won't make a dime. Owner will make more in the long run, and then who's to say if they'll reinvest in the squad.

The best is to have the FANS buy the club. Then, have a council/committee of elected officials that then elects a guy like Galliani to run day to day operations and transfers etc. And, if Fans don't like it, they vote them out. Direct Democracy applied to Football Clubs.

This way if Milan's fans all put in $10-20, we could literally own the team, tell Berlu to F&k off, and implement this system quite easily.

In fact, all of life should be done in this way, but people are too lazy to put it into practice, and this is why we're manipulated from cradle to grave by the billionaires...
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